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Soul Purpose Products of Youngevity by Bruce Jacobs

I take great pleasure in bringing your attention to one of Youngevity natural beauty skincare product lines called Soul Purpose. When most of us hear “Health and Beauty” or “All Natural skincare” we think of women. I’m here to tell the guys that Soul Purpose has us in mind too. To the ladies all I can say is that Soul Purpose has formulated their natural skincare and beauty product line to keep you looking and feeling good from the inside out and from head to toe. If your body has not experienced the Soul Purpose product line then this is “A Must ASAP” as your body will thank you for it.  

If you didn’t know by now just understand that Soul Purpose is a true leader in the field of healthy, natural and eco-friendly products. Soul Purpose offers an exquisite line of high quality nature-based personal care products including shea butter body balms, body custards, shower gels, solid scent perfumes, body lotions, soy candles, sugar scrubs, foot/hand care and much more. As a side note to the guys: the Soul Purpose Ghanaian Brown Sugar and Honey candle as it melts can be used as a warm massage oil too (hint hint).

Soul Purpose has taken the phrase “beauty is skin deep” to whole new level when they teamed up a huge leader in the wellness Creating better health and beauty from the inside out can be as easier than you think. Youngevity 90 Essential Nutrients (inside body) + Soul Purpose natural elements (outside body) = Beauty form the inside out. This is how I start my morning along with a cup of healthy Javafit coffee and “I’m good to go” as they say!

When you visit my MarketHive Soul Purpose blog website, you may not be able to access it unless you click onto one of your favorite social network picture buttons such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Don't worry, just click onto one of those buttons and you will be given access to my MarketHive Soul Purpose blog website to hear the product audio overview. There's even a Soul Purpose online community for some online support where you can get up to date info by interacting with other Soul Purpose users online. To hear the short Soul Purpose product audio overview Click Here Now

Once again I just wanted to say hello and if you ever need any help about any of our Youngevity wellness products, visit www.im90ForLife.org please let me know.

Bruce Jacobs (Youngevity Independent Rep. #E100397)

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