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Looking to buy your next used or new car many times comes down to 2 simple options: You can spend time driving to a dealership plus the time talking with a salesperson, then the finance person and a manger. You could also get that same info online and then speak with that dealership internet salesperson. One beautiful thing that normally happens based on what I've heard other people say is that you can normally save time when dealing with the dealership internet sales person. Many times the salesperson don't call the shots with the prices simply because the sales manager, finance manager has to make sure that all of the incentives and quotas have been met. This can take time to figure out because other salespeople are also trying to get their deals done also. 

When you make that call to the dealership internet salesperson, you typically may only speak with speak with one or two people which cuts down time. Salespeople in internet departments typically have different sales incentives and so behave differently from traditional car salespeople. Car dealership internet departments focus on selling a higher volume of cars rather than zeroing in on getting on maximum profit on each individual deal. Therefore, the initial price quote from an internet sales manager is often very close to the absolute lowest selling price for a given vehicle. You can always test drive that vehicle within the next 24hrs after agreeing to your price. 

A side note about the frequency of salesperson calls and emails you may receive if you shop via the internet: The internet salespeople are eager to make a sale and they want to follow up to gauge your interest. I would never recommend giving them fake contact information. remember that the internet departments typically have different sales incentives which may cause you to miss out on your ultimate dream deal. Just knowing that the possibilities of getting your next vehicle from the comfort of your own home where you're most comfortable has to feel good, doesn't it?

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Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)

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