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Small Business Loans Currently Available Right Now

Small businesses in today times need money right now and your opportunity for getting a small business loan for working capital is still available today through David Allen Capital, Inc. Yes it was a nightmare trying to apply for a share of the CARES Act, which contained $376 billion in relief for American workers and small businesses. By the time most businesses applied, the $376 billion dollars that the banks had was gone. Then Businesses started applying for the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and EIDL Advance applications from qualified small businesses and U.S. agricultural businesses. Sounds great but even if you did qualify that money is gone too.

So business owners across the united States were left asking the Billion dollar question of “Where did the money go?” Money is still available but you have to know where to apply. Here’s a small list of about 40 small business industries that have been using DAC to find the money they need to keep their business going in these rough times.
1: Heating & Air Conditioning – 6: Farms
2: Barbers & Beauty Salons – 7: Plumbing
3: Take out restaurants – 8: Physicians
4: Bars & Liquor Stores – 9: Contractors
5: Property Managers – 10: Day Care Centers

Once again the above are just a few and there are others that include Insurance Agencies, Tool Rental, Medical Billing, Automotive Repair shops, Auto body Shops, Hotels, Dentist, Super Markets, Sporting Goods stores, and more.

Yes dealing dealing with banks and credit unions are always the best place to get your small business loan if you can. But what if you get can’t qualify, then what do you do. I know what you’re probably thinking and saying to yourself that it’s probably going to cost me a arm and a leg. But what if you can get your money in weeks as oppose to months or even days as oppose to weeks? What if you’re able to get the working capital you need to either keep your business alive or make it thrive, would you do it.

Find out today what other people in many industries (listed above) did yesterday to secure their business and got it back on track. It literally cost you nothing by getting more info right now from many financial lenders that are looking to help businesses like yours today at from David Allen Capital.

Bruce Jacobs
Independent Agent ID# E100397