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“Philly Hive” is about giving the Philly fans a positive place without being bombarded with the negative narratives. Philadelphia is blessed with a great amount of talented media sources where you can hear both the positive and the negative. I’m not sure about you but there are days that when I tune into Philly sports and all I hear are the negatives for consecutive days. With all the other negative news that’s happening around our lives everyday, I rather stay focus on the positives. We all know that at the heart of most negative is some sort of controversy.  Media people knows that controversy sells.If you’re looking for the flip side of Negadelphia then stay tuned for the Positive Vibes of Philadelphia sports here at “Philly Hive”.

Hopefully you will find enough Philly sport articles, videos and  other media content to keep your Philly passion thriving. To all of our Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles, Sixers and flyers sporting fans, you now have optionality over your positive Philly news source. It looks like over the next five years our Philly sport teams will provide some of the most positive and passionate moments in the Philadelphia sports history.

Whatever your media or non-media journalism maybe, you are more than welcome to share your positive Philly sports articles on PhillyHive. Just click below to get started

Stay positive, stay  passionate and “trust the process” as PhillyHive is just getting started.


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