Next Philly Sport Championship Up

What a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan. Villanova has won their 2nd basketball championship just shortly after the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super bowl championship this year. After missing a few years our Sixers and Flyers are back in the playoffs again this year. Our Philadelphia Phillies are showing signs of being more than just “Relevant” with a host of young talented players with stardom potential. All I want to say is Thank you coach jay wright for starting it all off with one of the most memorable NCAA championship wins and an eye-opening championship parade just a few years ago.

I can only imagine the mindset of our Philadelphia sport owners as they watched how their Philly fanbase received their local Villanova champions. What owner wouldn't’t want that type of national respect with the opportunity to share to share an incredible achievement with what might be the most passionate sports fans in the sporting world. Call it a mind shift, just coincidence, just a stroke of luck, good timing or whatever else you want. In the last 3 years you have seen our Philadelphia owners take matters into their own hands and to a different level. Hextall expedited the youth movement and now have our Flyers in the playoffs. Middleton is now or front and center and their future looks bright with a few potential cornerstone all-stars type of caliber players. Our Sixers brought in another GM to help expedite “The Process” and have them in this year's playoffs. And finally, what still has every Philly fan still fist-pumping is the remarkable shake up from the owner Jeffrey Lurie a couple years ago that has landed our Philadelphia Eagles their first Super Bowl championship this year.

The likelihood of our Eagles, Sixers and Flyers teams making serious playoff runs during the next three to four years is looking great. Our Phillies future is just as bright with a host of young super talent. While our Phillies future probably are one more year away, they have enough talent to start making that competitive playoff run starting this year too. Just remember that these teams may have one of youngest teams in each of their respective sports. I’ve been telling people for the past 2 years to watch what happens to the Philadelphia sports era between 2018 – 2022. Even though these teams are young, they are also loaded with talent. No doubt there will be a few bumps in the road along the way because of their youth. But the ride into the next big Philadelphia sports era should still be amazing to be see.

Thank you Philadelphia Eagles and Villanova University for the championships and parades this year. I get this feeling that there will be more to come and multiple championships for a team or two just maybe possible too.


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)


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