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Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys

Tonight's Sunday football game will feature the Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys. This is one of football beat rivalry over the past 20 years and this has the making of what should provide a even game. Unfortunately because the Eagles come into this game with the better record people (including some Dallas fans) that the Eagles will win this game. Many non-Eagles supporters are giving the Eagles a automatic win because they believe that everything is falling into place because of the Cowboys injured players". 

Yes the Cowboy's have lost 3 key starting players that includes their running back,  offensive lineman and linebacker. Well guess what, the Eagles also lost the same key players at the same key positions. I think that makes it even except that Eagles lost their top cornerback early in the season too. Even though this cornerback will try to play today without being in gamed football shape, this game will be played in Texas – so once again we're even. 

But with all that being said, our Philadelphia Eagles and fans are not making excuses because our Eagles Soar above all that noise. When our Eagles men go down its Next Man Up. Both teams have suffered key injuries and both teams are playing with banged up players. Both teams have 53 men on their roster but one team is leading the division without making excuses. The Eagles have to play this game in a hostile environment, with field refs that seemed to have favor the home-team and after not having played football in almost 2 weeks. 

Make no excuses, the team that play better will win with what they have on the field. Make no mistake that the Eagles should win this game. Understand that when a key Eagles player goes down the Next Man Up rises to the occasion. That's what Eagles do!

Enjoy the short Eagles vs Dallas song


Bruce Jacobs  (Contributor)

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Philadelphia Eagles Time Starts Now

If you are a sports fan in the Philadelphia area this week is shaping up to be epic the Penn relays are in town are winning Phillies are on a home stand and the NFL draft has taken over the other side of Philadelphia. If you are sports fan in the Philadelphia area this week is shaping up to be epic if your baseball tracker football fan Philadelphia has all the excitement just for you are Phillies has quietly been Prime in the Philly fans by for a week just in time for the tens of thousands of fans that will witness a Penn relays and this year NFL draft our Phillies won last night with some solid pitching timely hits and Franco second Grand Slam in the last few days thank you for starting the Philly fan excitement engine. 


But tonight the city excitement shift towards the annual Penn Relays track and field event along with the NFL Draft. Philadelphia main sporting event starts tonight as the NFL is front and center as they have taken over the heart of the  Philadelphia area. Philly fans and media have had this day marked on their calendar for a very long time.

Yes our Philly fans are passionate and  supportive, but they are very knowledgeable fans too. The Eagles fans  knows the very importance of this draft class. We know that the road from "Good to Great" started last year with the drafting of Carson Wentz. This year it's all about building around him with Wentz like minded talent. Adding new offensive weapons that have a similar mindset, heart and desires like Wentz would be amazing. Being able Wentz with a core group of talented players grow together over the next 5 years or more would be special. Philly Eagle fans also knows that our Eagles defense need to be addressed too. What's great is that this year's draft has impact playmakers that can help our offense and defense.



This is one draft year that no matter what the Eagles front office decides to do, they are positioned to get better right away. Just that notion alone has Philly Eagles fans excited. You can already feel the Philadelphia Eagles Philly fever pitch with each passing hour. Starting around noon time today the Eagles fans will have switched over to their best B-Dawk game face while their bloodline turns green. Roseman and Douglas already knows whether they trade up, trade down, or stay put at draft pick number 14 understands they are in a great position. The Eagles coaches front office and player decision-makers knows it's game time. The entire Philly Eagles fan Nation knows what time it is too. The next three days of this draft will start our Philadelphia Eagles franchise on the path to championship play. 


So Eagles fans you know that tonight is our night and its time to "Get Your Popcorn Ready" and "Bleed Green". Take it away B-Dawk!


Bruce Jacobs  (Contributor)

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