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Wholistic Health Webinar

This Wholistic Health webinar will help you get a glimpse into the wellness industry from a different perspective. If you're a currrent health coach, this may challenge you with information that you were never told about. While this info is geared to every and anyone within the health and wellness industry, I'm looking for health coaches, wellness experts and actually anyone that's would like to affect their overal health.

Watch the video below now.

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All Marine Contracting Dock Builder

Looking for a dock… put Dylan from All Marine Contracting on the clock. I can't tell you how many people I've spoken to about getting a dock built. So many people either gave misleading info or just never followed through. Dylan from All Marine Contracting came out (like others) and gave me his thoughts and things to think about. We called each other a couple of times to work out a contract that we both agreed upon. 


I will admit that I wasn’t sure if and when it was going to be built. I was thinking dock building start time was going to be in about 90 days. All Marine Contracting submitted everything and I watched how quickly Charlotte County was quickly proceeding with my permit application online. So when I saw that the permit was ready to be issued, Dylan from All Marine Contracting reminded me that the work would start within the agreed upon 4 month period from the time of signing the contract and collection of the deposit.


All dock builders are busy especially since hurricane Ian but my dock builder held to his word the best he could. We agreed to start an extra 2 weeks later which was fine and he started on time. His crew showed up and built the dock to specs that Dylan tried to explain to me. I'm glad Dylan was able to draw out my vision of a dock and make it a reality.

The crew from All Marine Contracting was outstanding. The guys came in and were all business, but took a few moments along the way to explain a few things. They seemed to be extremely knowledgeable and their workmanship was flawless. The crew showed up on time each morning and worked until sundown to get the job done. Hats off and a job well done guys!


Now that morning cup of coffee is gonna feel so much better with each sunrise. The added value to our home will be greatly much appreciated thanks to Dylan and his crew from All Marine Contracting can be trusted and counted on. Looking for the dock of your desires and dreams starts with the All Marine Contracting team!

Thank you guys so much for making our dock dream come true. Just do me and Dylan a favor and let him know that you saw this post. It will help him to know who's really helping him.

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OrthoMed Is A Blessing

OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine is not just your basic ho-hum orthopedic center. Dr. Cole and Dr. Kola are Physiatrist's (Not a Orthopedic surgeon) with a background, beliefs and practice in Osteopathic medicine.  Physiatrists are specialists in physical medicine and rehabilitation. “A Physiatrist will concentrate on finding the source of your pain or limitation and will recommend one or more conservative and noninvasive treatments.” Read a bit more by clicking here now. I love the fact that their approach is great for people that don’t believe that surgery is always the end answer.

Another special bonus with OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine is that they believe in regenerative medicine when applicable. And the fact that Dr. Cole is Dual board certified in regenerative medicine and interventional PM&R makes his services even more appealing to me. I’m not sure if there are 10 Dual board certified in the regenerative medicine industry in all of the United States. You can read Dr. Cole Top Doc Magazine article by clicking here now.

A Physiatrist’s treatment plan is very specific to each patient. Depending on the root of the problem, a physiatrist may focus on:

Neck & Back Pain


Traumatic Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

Sports Injuries


Herniated & Pinched Discs



Phantom Limb Pain (Amputees)

Parkinson’s Disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Cancer Recovery

and more…

Meet the OrthoMed Pain & Sports Medicine team by clicking here.


Ref Articles below:

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One Stop Travel Shop

Visit one of the best free travel discount booking websites that provides savings on hotels, resorts, car rentals, airfare, entertainment activities and more. If you like travel booking sites like Expedia then you'll love this. I use this membership to book many of our travel accommodations. 

No need to pay membership fees, signup fees, club dues, maintenance fees as I've already done that for you so this site is free to use. Feel free to look and gain your next free discount travel Access at

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A R Overlay Lanai Transformation Completed

A & R Overlay project

A & R Overlay hand crafted and carved their overlay expertise in our lanai pool area and made it simply amazing.  Our backyard lanai area has not only been restored but transformed into something special. We have always loved our outdoor living area but the transformation from the traditional carpet over concrete to hand crafted overlay is like night and day.

A & R Overlay LLC from Port Charlotte delivered every step of the way, even through some unfortunate weather conditions. They communicated with me and explained step by step throughout the entire process. They were on time while respecting my time and our home as if it was their own. They took no short-cuts while masterfully handcrafting their overlay profession with precision and care.

A & R Overlay project before and after

I’m not even sure if these before and after pics will show the real beautification of our new overlay lanai area. Hopefully you’ll see the big difference and added value that’s been done to our pool area. Curb appeal is great when you’re selling your home but backyard appeal is great when you’re enjoying your home. This hand crafted and carved overlay is a game changer in our outside home appeal.

A & R Overlay project before and after

Some people say that a picture can be worth a thousand words, but these before and after pics for me almost has me speechless. Our morning sunrise cups of coffee and late evening sunsets are going to feel a little bit nicer now. I so value these guys hard work for adding good value and a beautiful touch to our home. This is definitely one of the best home investments that anyone can make.

A & R Overlay project before and after

Yes, I’m a happy and proud customer that’s gladly and proud to help spread the word about these guys of what they can do for you. They don’t have a real advertising budget because advertising fees adds money to your project. So please mention this blog when reaching out to them. This will let them know that their trust in my free advertising for them is helping their local Port Charlotte LLC company.

Please visit their website at or just call Rick at 941-661-6345 and mention my name Bruce and hopefully he’ll give you a special discount from this article.

Enjoy your new hand crafted and carved overlay lanai transformation today.

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AR Overlay Lanai Area

Rick and Alex from A & R Overlay has quite a few customers raving about the beauty they’ve done. Here in Florida the outside entertaining pool area can be a great place year-round. My faded dark greenish carpet and the stains in the concrete could really use a makeover.

I don’t have a date just yet for A & R Overlay to start, but Rick and I are in agreement that it’s time.  I can’t wait for them to transform my lanai cage pool area into something special.  Cooler afternoons with football and basketball games to view outside in our new outdoor space is going to be great. I will definitely post more pictures after completion.

A fresh new look is coming soon, stay tuned.

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E&E Lawncare Services

E&E Lawncare Services

Andre from E&E Lawncare services came out to my house and did a awesome job. Though I like to think that nobody would care for my lawn better than me, Andre has changed my mind. He gave me the impression like he was taking care of his own lawn which was so impressive to see. He even pointed out a couple things and took care of it with Zero hesitation.

While E&E Lawncare services is sort of new to the area, they will not be new to my yard. Now is the time to contact Andre to see what his skills and passion for this industry can do for you. I believe his cost is average and well worth every penny. I had quotes between $150 – $225 to do what I needed done. Just know that he was definitely below all of them even with the extra special care that was needed.

A special thanks to Hank Baker from “Bugs & Beyond” for the referral of E&E Lawncare services. Bugs & Beyond serves as my perimeter pest control and do a great job on the spiders too in my lanai.

Sorry that I don’t have many pictures but stay tuned for more pictures with a short update next week.

Bruce Jacobs, (Happy Customer) 

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Crypto Currency Investing Time Is Now

Crypto currency is here to stay with and without it's risk. People invest money for many personal reasons. You should never invest any money that you don't have and or money that you can not afford to loose. That being said here are two short videos on what I have found to be very insightful in giving my retirement some hope and hopefully you will see it too. 

If you understood the above video then watching the below short video can show you a hypothetical on how powerful it can be. 

If you liked the above 2 videos and want more info (Just Info…), visit my info site bywhat you just see Clicking Here or visiting

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Clicking either link tells me that you have a level of interest and that you definitely would like and need more information. There are Zoom and Telegram meetings most days of the week Mon – Fri in my network of friends. Feel free to message me on my Markethive account at

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The Right Florida Roofing Company Is The Key


Just a few days before Christmas in southwest Florida, my roof suffered severe wind damage. So far my insurance company has been great but finding a honest and trustworthy roofing company has been hard. I think I've found a really reliable roofing company that has not tried to upsell and promise me the moon and the stars.

Hopefully they will get the final go from my insurance company within the next few days so I can give you a roofing update. I will definitely show pics and give you (my viewers) an update when they are all done. 


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Donate and Support new streaming platform and upcoming projects

You know how business goes… sometimes you need to raise some money to achieve your goals. Here's what my son said on his post "Big known fact: film and everything therein takes money. I'm not good at asking for help but here we are. Should anyone care to snack on some popcorn, my team and I are raising funds for our streaming platform and upcoming projects. Please donate and help us achieve our goals! Much love." Share this blog announcement too.

All support is greatly appreciated, Now let's get that popcorn ready by Clicking Here Now.

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