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Philly Excites the NFL and Fans

The 2017 NFL draft event that was held in Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love was as much historic as it was memorable. Whether you were the commissioner Roger Goodell or ex-Cowboys Drew Pearson, you felt and embraced the football fans of Philadelphia like never before. What was once skeptical in the minds of the sports media throughout the TV and radio networks was met with thousands of passionate Eagles fans. The three Day event is still being talked about by reporters, players, fans of every news source that they represent. If you weren't there to experience the excitement of each twist and turn of events, then I'm sorry that you couldn't be there. As of this day, I still catch myself pumping out the Philadelphia Eagles fight song at the thought of Westbrook and Dawkins speech.

It's a great time to be excited about Philadelphia sports, especially our Philadelphia Eagles. I think it's the first time in a long while that many Eagles fans have been this excited about an Philadelphia Eagles draft. We all knew that going into 2017 that we needed more production out of our offense and defense. Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas added a few key pieces for coach Doug Pederson around Carson Wentz. Then Howie and Joe gave coach Schwartz a little more defensive support. I think these guys had a real productive draft this year. They took a draft rebuilding idea from the past and implemented it beautifully. They were able to draft key productive talent not only in some areas of need but that actually fit the Eagles system. This new drafted and undrafted players class has the opportunity to impact all 3 major levels of our Eagles team.

Too many times we get caught up in the false environment of the NFL Combine and its numbers. The NFL Combine numbers are important but I think the numbers that these players produced on the field should never take back seat. The NFL Combine numbers can project some things. One thing for sure it cannot measure someone football IQ, mental toughness, willingness, dedication and their love of the game. These traits when added to physical talent is what allows a player to consistently produce solid results.  One example has been the discussion of the selection of Allen or Jones over Barnett. They believe the other two players may have presented a slightly better "NFL Combine test numbers". I honestly am not sure if Allen or Jones even fit the Eagles defensive system and scheme as well. If you're going by the numbers, I love what Barnett was able to produce on the field. His on the field production was as good as anyone's and better than most. When you put these lineman in the same game environment against similar top talent, all Barnett did was produce. The theme of the Eagles draft choices this year seemed to be about players that demonstrated high motor, high IQ that consistently produced at a high level.



The Eagles new line rotation of Fletcher Cox, Tim-Jernigan, Vinny Curry, Brandon Graham, Chris Long and Derek Barnett should be able to create enough QB pressure in a domino effect to help the linebackers and cornerbacks.  The Eagles have improved their defensive secondary through the draft with the selection of Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas. Sidney Jones without a doubt was considered  a 1st round pick while many had him rated as the top rated or #2 cornerback in the draft (based on production). Yes he will miss some game time with his injury. If players like Suggs and Jason Peters came back, I think the young 20yr old player Sidney Jones can recover as well. Sidney Jones is considered the lock-down cornerback that the Eagles haven't had in a long time. He's another baller that consistenly produces and isn't afraid of any challenge. Welcome to Philly Sidney and Rasul.


I believe that our offensive game just got a little better than last year with the draft selection of Mack Hollins. The amount of yards after the catch and touchdowns is something that you really need to recognize. The speed that he brings to our receiving core as a deep threat should be a welcomed benefit. Add that threat to what Alshon Jeffrey, Torrey Smith and Jordan Mathews brings will be something special to see.


My sleeper Eagles draft picks on offense are Donnel Pumphreys and Shelton Gibson. Gibson just may be one of the fastest and quickest wide receiver you'll want to see. The excitement that he brings may just remind you of an ex-Eagle  that now with Tampa. As far as Donnel Pumphrey goes, there simply wasn't a more productive college running back ever in college than him. Small but mighty, tough as nails that simply just run and scores.


 Are we excited about our Philadelphia Eagles finishing with more wins than last year while making the playoffs? We sure are because they're an improved team across the board from last year. Are they done with tweaking their roster, I don't think so. Are exciting times ahead, you better believe it. They're finally building a winning team the right way. Right now every Philadelphia fan of all sports should be excited. There's nothing like Eagles playoffs except for when all four teams are competing in the playoffs during the same calendar year. That excitement started with the Eagles draft and now our Sixers, Flyers and Phillies are next. Our Sixers could end up with 2 picks in the top 10 selections on June 22. Then two days later our Flyers will be selecting the 2nd overall lottery draft pick. Eagles you're still front and center, so keep it going in the right direction this off season…


Fly Eagles Fly!


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)




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Philadelphia Eagles Time Starts Now

If you are a sports fan in the Philadelphia area this week is shaping up to be epic the Penn relays are in town are winning Phillies are on a home stand and the NFL draft has taken over the other side of Philadelphia. If you are sports fan in the Philadelphia area this week is shaping up to be epic if your baseball tracker football fan Philadelphia has all the excitement just for you are Phillies has quietly been Prime in the Philly fans by for a week just in time for the tens of thousands of fans that will witness a Penn relays and this year NFL draft our Phillies won last night with some solid pitching timely hits and Franco second Grand Slam in the last few days thank you for starting the Philly fan excitement engine. 


But tonight the city excitement shift towards the annual Penn Relays track and field event along with the NFL Draft. Philadelphia main sporting event starts tonight as the NFL is front and center as they have taken over the heart of the  Philadelphia area. Philly fans and media have had this day marked on their calendar for a very long time.

Yes our Philly fans are passionate and  supportive, but they are very knowledgeable fans too. The Eagles fans  knows the very importance of this draft class. We know that the road from "Good to Great" started last year with the drafting of Carson Wentz. This year it's all about building around him with Wentz like minded talent. Adding new offensive weapons that have a similar mindset, heart and desires like Wentz would be amazing. Being able Wentz with a core group of talented players grow together over the next 5 years or more would be special. Philly Eagle fans also knows that our Eagles defense need to be addressed too. What's great is that this year's draft has impact playmakers that can help our offense and defense.



This is one draft year that no matter what the Eagles front office decides to do, they are positioned to get better right away. Just that notion alone has Philly Eagles fans excited. You can already feel the Philadelphia Eagles Philly fever pitch with each passing hour. Starting around noon time today the Eagles fans will have switched over to their best B-Dawk game face while their bloodline turns green. Roseman and Douglas already knows whether they trade up, trade down, or stay put at draft pick number 14 understands they are in a great position. The Eagles coaches front office and player decision-makers knows it's game time. The entire Philly Eagles fan Nation knows what time it is too. The next three days of this draft will start our Philadelphia Eagles franchise on the path to championship play. 


So Eagles fans you know that tonight is our night and its time to "Get Your Popcorn Ready" and "Bleed Green". Take it away B-Dawk!


Bruce Jacobs  (Contributor)

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