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Zradical Juice with Fucoidan benefits

Zradical Certified Organic Wellness Fucoidan enriched juice contains several other Super Fruit juices, but Zradical juice key ingredient is called Fucoidan. Fucoidan from brown seaweed Research has been cited in over 900 studies published by PubMed.gov, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. The following links below will forward you to a few of some important fucoidan studies that you may find helpful. Feel free to look up other fucoidan related research. Simply click the links below or enter “fucoidan” followed by the other term you are looking for. Example “fucoidan depression” or “fucoidan virus”:

Fucoidan / Allergies
Fucoidan / Alzheimer’s
Fucoidan / Anti Bacterial
Fucoidan / Anti Inflammatory
Fucoidan / Anti Viral
Fucoidan / Arthritis
Fucoidan / Brain
Fucoidan / Cancer
Fucoidan / Cell Communication
Fucoidan / Chemotherapy
Fucoidan / Diabetes
Fucoidan / Emphysema
Fucoidan / Eyes
Fucoidan / Heart disease
Fucoidan / Immune System
Fucoidan / Lungs
Fucoidan / Mouth
Fucoidan / Nervous System
Fucoidan / MS
Fucoidan / Pain
Fucoidan / Respiratory System
Fucoidan / Stem Cells
Fucoidan / Stroke
Fucoidan / SkinFucoidan / Virus Flu



If you understand or have enjoyed the health benefits of super fruit juices such as Goji Berries and Yumberry, adding the benefits of Turmeric and Fucoidan makes the Zradical juice a powerful antioxidant juice with a great taste of Dragon-Fruit that your bodyand taste buds will appreciate.

***NOTE*** The Best way to order is to Visit https://escapeyoung.buyygy.com/90forlifestore/en/zradical-32-fl-oz


Bruce Jacobs

The Fucoidan and Zradical info shared here has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease.

The info shared here has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease.

Messina Pools Delivers

Messina pools is on the verge becoming a Southwest Florida powerhouse name in the pool industry. I'm only assuming that Mike Messina (owner) company has been around a little less than 10 years based on a few people that I've spoken to. I have not interviewed Mesina Pools owner and he has not asked me to write anything.

Our realtor (Chad Vogt) told me that it's a really nice house in a nice area but the pool will definately need to be redone. Our realtor said that he knew his fair share of pool people but if it was his pool, he would have Messina Pools do the job. Now I know why his pool business is growing so rapidly with now over 250 clients in just a few years. He's honest, a Godly man of his word and his workmanship shows for itself.

Mike Messina of Messina Pools gave my damage pool a much needed makeover. I had the pleasurable opportunity to watch his crew tear down the old pool. His plan was to resurface, install new tiles and switched the pool to saltwater. Bye Bye to my algae sea green color and hello to our crsip and clear baby blue waters.


Before Before    Before 

The DARK spots in the above pictures are the Green Algae spots that could not be removed



Sparkling and crystal clear saltwater pool now. 

Thank you Mr. Messina for such a wonderful job. 


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)



The info shared here has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease.

Messina Pools, Thank You

When you're talking about Messina Pools it's not just about the pools but also about their people. Prior to purchasing our home about 18 months ago, we were told by realtor Mr. Chad Vogt that the pool would definitely need to be resurfaced within 5 years. Chad said that we'll cross that bridge when we get there, but that he did have someone in mind. My realtor who was raised up in the area knows so many pool people and companies. He said that there are a lot of pool companies that will want to give you quotes, he asked that I give him an opportunity to share his recommendation. So I began doing my pool research homework by gathering info and reviews through Google and local Facebook groups. There were several local Facebook groups that had lots of info and feedback in this area too. I've seen the good, the bad and the reviews that seemed to good to be true. So I went back to my realtor and asked him that if it was his pool who would you go to and he said Mike Messina from Messina Pools. So I reached out to the owner Mike Messina on July 23, 2018 and told him what the situation was. Notice the dark algae discoloring spots in the pool.

Mr. Messina made time to come by that day only to confirm what my realtor had previous told me. He said that the pool definitely need it to be resurfaced within the next 4 – 5 years but also pointed out that I was having major algae issues too. Mr Messina came by the following week and took care of the algae issues and then put me on a pool maintenance schedule. Mike did not try to oversell me on anything and that was a eye opener and trust building moment for me. I later call Mike Messina to get his opinion or how I can kind of make this pool look more presentable and a pleasurable experience. Mike gave me some ideas such as the resurfacing, maybe retiling and possibly switching it over to a saltwater system. Mike did not get into pinpoint prices because we both know that prices could only be based on current inventory prices, but he was able to give me some scenarios and possible pricing. What Mike did promise was that he would do whatever he could to keep prices down without sacrificing quality and appearance. Here below is what my sea green algae pool looked like. 

After about 18 months of Messina Pools maintaining our pool is when I realized that it wasn't just about my pool but just as much about the people from from Messina Pools too. His crew showed up every week on time. The Messina Pool team love what they do and you could tell that while they were being very knowledgeable, professional and answering any and all questions. Not only do the love what they do, they love their boss vey much too. Many times Messina pool staff would show up to do our general pool maintenance and honestly the only way you knew if they were there was because you definitely saw the difference in the pool after they were done. One day I asked my son to sit in the family room to be on the lookout while I run some errands because I had a couple of questions for him to ask our pool guy. My son called me and said "Dad I thought he heard something so I looked outside and only saw the Lanai area a little wet. So I went to the front of the house and the pool guy was pulling away. Dad I never knew the guy was there like he was some sort ninja or something". 


Just know that we're extremely excited and pleased about our newly resurfaced saltwater pool by Messina Pools and their staff. We had 18 months to see the Messina pool team at work and the same 18 months to also speak to other pool owners and pool companies. Trust, workmanship and deliverability is everything when it's your hard earned money that's being spent. The Messina Pools owner, office staff and the pool guys definitely earned our trust with so many conversations and the work that were doing. Now it was time to see if they could deliver what the owner said he could do in a pool market where prices were changing from 18 months ago. Mike Messina and his staff at Messina Pools delivered in a big way for us. For now, here's what the pool looked like as it was getting drained with all the walls of the pool showing major discoloring throughout the pool. No long stories but a short recap with the before and after pictures will be available by Clicking Here Now (available by 3/22/20 – Stay tuned). 


Thank you Messina Pools and staff for all that you've done in what you do as good as anyone in the pool bussiness.


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)

The info shared here has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease.

No Fee Credit Card Processing

If you could finally have a financial edge that provides you access to programs and technology that allows you to easily keep more of your profits, you would be okay with that would'nt you?

If you could eliminate up to 95% of your processing fees, you would want that free info would'nt you? 

Edge No FEE Processing from DAC from DACAgents on Vimeo.


Click the "Payment Processing" tab to Get the info, get "The Edge" and start keeping more of your profit earnings ASAP. 

Bruce Jacobs
DAC Independant Agent 
ID# E100397

The info shared here has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease.

Simple and Fast Funding for your Business

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Bruce Jacobs and I'm a local Independent Business Capital agent with David Allen Capital.  We represent providers who love to get money to business owners like yourself. So I just wanted to introduce myself and drop you this quick email message to let you know that just in case if you ever have an opportunity you want to pursue, like expansion, or marketing, etc or even if you are ever in a tight pinch, we can help you out.

The great thing is, we are SIMPLE and FAST and our providers look at cash flow more than credit score. We Can actually get you a decision as fast 1-2 days and funds in a week.  So again, heres my info below and if I can ever help let me know.  And if you ever want to go in to see how much you can prequalify for, you can do so at my Agent website at https://davidallencapital.com/#escapeyoung 

Business Owners Gain Access To Money by using David Allen Capital from DACAgents on Vimeo.


Its secure, simple and fast.

Bruce Jacobs
DAC Independent Agent

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Liberty Toyota Internet Sales Department

Looking to buy your next used or new car many times comes down to 2 simple options: You can spend time driving to a dealership plus the time talking with a salesperson, then the finance person and a manger. You could also get that same info online and then speak with that dealership internet salesperson. One beautiful thing that normally happens based on what I've heard other people say is that you can normally save time when dealing with the dealership internet sales person. Many times the salesperson don't call the shots with the prices simply because the sales manager, finance manager has to make sure that all of the incentives and quotas have been met. This can take time to figure out because other salespeople are also trying to get their deals done also. 

When you make that call to the dealership internet salesperson, you typically may only speak with speak with one or two people which cuts down time. Salespeople in internet departments typically have different sales incentives and so behave differently from traditional car salespeople. Car dealership internet departments focus on selling a higher volume of cars rather than zeroing in on getting on maximum profit on each individual deal. Therefore, the initial price quote from an internet sales manager is often very close to the absolute lowest selling price for a given vehicle. You can always test drive that vehicle within the next 24hrs after agreeing to your price. 

A side note about the frequency of salesperson calls and emails you may receive if you shop via the internet: The internet salespeople are eager to make a sale and they want to follow up to gauge your interest. I would never recommend giving them fake contact information. remember that the internet departments typically have different sales incentives which may cause you to miss out on your ultimate dream deal. Just knowing that the possibilities of getting your next vehicle from the comfort of your own home where you're most comfortable has to feel good, doesn't it?

You have two options of getting more info or just an inquiry about getting your next used or new car. You can visit Liberty Toyota website https://www.libertytoyota.com/contact.htm and leave this message "Bruce Jacobs referred me to get more info about possibly purchasing a vehicle at Liberty Toyota and or Lexus of Cherry Hill" in the "Comments" Box or click onto a social network button below that you use most. 

Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)

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Chad Vogt is the right real estate agent for you



So how do you pick the right real estate agent when I read somewhere that there are millions of them. I’ve been told to ask friends and or family members for referrals from where your trying to move to. The main problem with that is that we’re trying to move to a city that’s over 1,000 miles away that we’ve never spent a hotel night in before.  In another reading on how to find a real estate agent it said to solicit the help of a relocation specialist. That wasn’t such a bad idea as I was able to speak to a few agents that represented various real estate companies. The only problem was that they all seem speak the typical salesman pitch. 

One good thing is that I knew we had at least 7 years to complete this search. My sons have taken us to Florida several times between 2002 – 2011 to watch them play AAU baseball. We’ve owned a timeshare in Cocoa Beach, have visited Daytona Beach and Orlando many times since the mid 80’s. Visiting Florida all those years was nice as we had the move to Florida in our sites for a while. Our “Florida living ah-ha" moment really didn’t hit us until we start attending our son's baseball tournament games in Sarasota and Ft. Myers. While vacationing at our Coco beach timeshare condo in August of 2015 our initial Real estate agent search began. 

I think my wife thought I was crazy because I told her that tomorrow morning, we were going take a long ride to the Ft. Myers are to find our agent. Two of our sons were flying back home and our other two sons were on their way to a Christian summer camp in Martha Vineyards. The smartest idea of them all in finding the right realtor was praying to God and asking him for the right person to help us through buying or Florida home. I read so many agents profiles during the past couple of weeks but now I was narrowing down the list. One thing that I really wanted was a agent that believe and worship the same God that we do in the same way that we do. 

I went online and sent out a text message to 7 or 8 realtors, and behold I got two responses that evening and one the next morning. I then had a chance to speak to them for a quick interview via text and over the phone. After driving a couple of hours, I decided to give this one particular agent first shot even though he didn’t fall into any of my criteria of the “Perfect Agent” for us. My mindset was let’s get this one out of the way because I had another agent ready that morning and another agent ready for the next day if we had to go back. We showed up to the first house and saw our new prospective agent step out of his car and after his first statement, I knew he was the person even though God wasn’t present in his life at that time. All I kept saying was “God you are so funny”.  This was in 2015 and I kind of question God for almost 18 months.  

We went down for a visit in 2016 and another visit in 2017 and then realized that he now had God in his life. It’s now 2 years into searching for that perfect Florida house that we could call home. I’m pretty sure his wife must have thought that her husband wasn’t telling the truth when she ask him “who are you speaking with” when his reply was “The Jacobs”. Now in early 2018 I decided to do some more research by seeking a second opinion from a network that had two top notch real estate brokers and another real respectable agent in the SWF area. The information they shared was basically the same info and I had to let my realtor know. I came clean with my realtor and told him that I was doing my due diligence in seeking more info. I then told that he was my official realtor and let’s get this house search moving.  

Our real estate agent name is Mr. Chad Vogt from RE/MAX Palm Realty. He is one of the most knowledgeable real estate people in the SWF area.  He is kind and understanding even when we were looking at another area, he was willing and suggested that we work with another realtor that he knew. I really believe what also gives him an advantage over others is the vision that he brings from the housing rehab industry. We saw many homes and each time he could see through the flaws of the homes without needing the documentation on the home. If information was missing or flawed, he would find it. 4 months prior to the selection of our home, Chad Vogt helped us weed through hundreds of homes between 4 different cities to help us find what we wanted in our Florida home. 

Though Chad knew what was best for us he never pushed us at any time. Even though he’s an expert agent for the of Englewood, North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and others, he never tried to persuade us with lopsided info about any area. One cool thing is that he showed us a house on his own street but never told us right away that he lives there. I’m not sure how many real estate agents have worked with client for 3 years, but he promptly returned every text message and phone call. When we decided which house, we wanted to purchase he was ready, prepared and very respectable. Prior to closing he had given us his document closing info and at our 30-minute closing it was right on the penny. Well almost to the penny because we got a $76.00 overpayment fee in the mail about 10 days after closing. 

One last beautiful thing about our real estate agent Mr. Chad Vogt is not only was he our friend throughout our home buying experience, he is still our friend today. In other words, he just didn’t leave us after the deal was done. If I need home services like yard, pool, electrician, air conditioning … You better believe that Chad knows those pros too. Chad whole family (wife and daughter) are also in the real estate business. All of them get it, understand it and care about it and even more about you too! 

Thank you, Mr. Chad Vogt, for all that you have done my friend.

PS: Now stop sending me those pool and beach pics to me when our northern snow is on the ground…  (LoL)


Bruce & Phyllis Jacobs

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Your Free Health Assessment Tool

Lose weight and or better health is an assessment that millions of people make every year. Whether its a New years resolution in January or a “Uh Oh, Gotta get that beach body” ready before Memorial day weekend, most people don’t know where or how to start. Finding the right nutritional options for your specific health goals with a simple assessment sounds like a logical and easy place to start, doesn’t it?

Here’s a wellness company with over 20 years in the wellness industry that has created a free personalized interactive health assessment tool just for you!  Here’s a message from this company below about their latest tool to help you get started.

Youngevity’s personalized interactive health assessment is now available! This dynamic tool was created to help newbie customers who ask, OK, I understand the importance of 90 for life, but…where do I start?”  We’re hoping you can now tell them: “Right here!” This assessment puts participants in the driver’s seat, taking them through a series of questions that help self-evaluate their health. Based on their answers, it recommends the best Health Body Start Pak and targeted nutrition to support their health goals.

You can get started any time at Free Assesment Now.

Try this free valuable tool and see how it can help assist in finding the right products for you. Click Here now

Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)
This content shared and associated linked pages is and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

The info shared here has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease.

Level Up Automotive Grand Opening

At Level Up Automotive LLC, I firmly believe that people finally have a used-car business that they can trust. I can honestly say that because after following all the Level Up Automotive online buzz, I personally had to reach out (from New Jersey) and interview the owner one on one. Mr. Yamin Malik who owns the Level up Automotive dealership has been an entrepreneur almost all his life. Like All entrepreneurs who are in business to make money, I can honestly say that the people that he conducts business with comes first and money is third.

That’s right money is third as we talked about his mission at Level Up Automotive dealership while the idea of making money was never discussed. Mr. Yamin Malik is passionately driven by trying to change the used-car industry by leveling the car-buying playing field for all consumers. He knows the industry pitfalls and greed that put so many people in a position to make bad decisions when buying a used car. I’m not sure what he has planned for his December 1, 2018 official grand opening but just know it’s going to be special.

Here are a few words from owner himself from “Level up Automotive dealership” below:

“At Level up Automotive we understand if you are working on your credit and are here to assist! Whether you bring your own bank or credit union, use one of ours, or decide on our "buy here pay here" options. Please don't allow anything from allowing you to be great! Let us help you get ya roll on!!! Holla at us and let's go!! Level up”

“Our Mission is to Level up the car buying experience, no this is not one of ours but trust we aren't far off!!! Come see us in December for our grand opening and judge for yourself. Happy holiday's from Level Up Automotive llc. Make sure you enjoy some time with the fam kiss and hug your love ones!!!”

Click the video clip below to hear a small snipet of our most recent interview.

Even though December starts the official Level Up Automotive, the owner said that right now 'We selling cars like candy bars!" Stop by and get your car today! if you want the latest deals and info going on at "Level Up Automotive", Click your favorite social button below right now!

Bruce Jacobs (contributor)

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Real Estate Property Prospecting Lead Capture Page Tool

Realtors let me create and personalize your own Property Prospecting Lead Capture Pages for your premier properties! Having a properly designed property prospecting lead capture page can mean the difference between a big response rate and ZERO prospects. The components of an effective prospecting lead capture page are basic:

  1. Strong headline
  2. Compelling video,
  3. Motivating but brief message
  4. Ability to capture your prospect marketing info such as name, email and phone.

You be surprised how many people are browsing the internet late at night or even during the day at work. The whole idea is to provide your real estate prospects with just enough information for them to engage for more property info… but nothing more! The entire goal is capturing their personal information data, so you can continue marketing to them through future emails, phone calls … etc. If you spill too much information, then they will not be motivated to do anything else. 

Your new personalized real estate Property Prospecting Lead Capture Page are also integrated with a powerful autoresponder email delivery system which utilizes Amazon servers and has a documented 99.7% email deliverability. You can create 1 or a series of emails to keep your real estate prospect attention captured. Your real estate prospects can also opt out of your emails too. Remember, we do not ask for an email address or have an email address form on your real estate the lead capture page. It’s all controlled by your prospect clicking onto their favorite or preferred social media icon. This way the data is collected automatically, and the leads tend to be more genuine with current data such as full name, email, phone and possibly more.

Your new Property Prospecting Lead Capture Page will be created with the state of the art Lead Capture Page system. The Capture Page system that I use consists of a customizable widget embedded within a customizable capture page. You can embed a house picture or a short video with a little musical background if you desire. If you don’t have a video of your property, supply me with your best 12 to 15 pictures (or more) so I can create it for you. Provide me a strong headline, a compelling video, brief but motivating message (10 words), and your premier property prospecting page is ready to be published.

I would love to create and personalize your own Property Prospecting Lead Capture Page using some powerful, flexible, and fully customizable lead generation technology. Your real estate clients deserve every marketing edge there is. For a small extra fee there’s no reason why they wouldn’t want it while your bank account will thank you for it in many ways. People are looking online at your properties right now but you have no perfectly honest way of knowing who they are. When they see your property video with music, it will capture their attention and their current personal info that's linked to their personal social network profile. If you would like to get a small taste of what I'm talking about and see what one looks like, click onto your favorite social network platform below.

Bruce Jacobs 

You've never knew who's really loooking for more info until now.


The info shared here has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease.