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Help Fishin Franks Rebuild

Frank said he appreciates everyone's support it's been a long day and he just needs to get through rest of day without calls and texts and needs some time. If everyone could refrain from contacting him directly right now he would appreciate it. He is going to try and get on Facebook tomorrow and provide an update. Let's wait until he decides how to handle things before moving forward. The support has been amazing though and it's great to know that whatever he needs this community is ready to help.

We currently have over 60+ businesses ready to help provide services from plumbing, electrical, lighting, painting, web design, security, carpentry, pumps and filters, insulation, banners and signs, graphic design, HVAC, bait, labor, etc. We have people with freezers and businesses ready to provide items to help re-stock. And a whole lot more ready to help! We have several fundraisers as well as gofundme pages where people are helping as well.

There are 2 verified GoFundMe accounts running right now please do not create anymore. Tommy Wilkinson has created one with over $8,700 in donations already and is matching $5,000 of it!! If you would like to donate please click on the link. There is also a bank account being open Tuesday morning at Charlotte State Bank where you will be able to donate directly, this information will be updated when it's ready. You can also donate at Nicks Pizza, please contact Nick WrasseKevin Jackson is also running a fundraiser with T-shirts. Please see comment section for links to those fundraisers.

We wanted to let you know that Joseph Doherty and myself are working with a few local business's for sponsoring a fishing tournament for Fishing Franks. If you are a business and would like to sponsor it please message me or Joseph directly. The amount of outreach from the community since we created the page this morning is incredible. Please message us, if you would like to assist in any way. We are very actively monitoring this page, we just want to make sure that things are done right! Stay tune because big news is coming very very soon.

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Bruce Jacobs
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