Simple and Fast Funding for your Business

Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Bruce Jacobs and I'm a local Independent Business Capital agent with David Allen Capital.  We represent providers who love to get money to business owners like yourself. So I just wanted to introduce myself and drop you this quick email message to let you know that just in case if you ever have an opportunity you want to pursue, like expansion, or marketing, etc or even if you are ever in a tight pinch, we can help you out.

The great thing is, we are SIMPLE and FAST and our providers look at cash flow more than credit score. We Can actually get you a decision as fast 1-2 days and funds in a week.  So again, heres my info below and if I can ever help let me know.  And if you ever want to go in to see how much you can prequalify for, you can do so at my Agent website at 

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Its secure, simple and fast.

Bruce Jacobs
DAC Independent Agent

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