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Fishing Tournament to Support FishinFranks

Good morning! Anyone that didnt see Crystal's post yesterday about the fishing tournament please advise!

All sponsors are to go to Westchester gold and diamond on 41 to fill out the sponsorship form. You will get a receipt for how much you sponsor for. If you plan on sponsoring PLEASE let
 Derrick Turner or Joseph Doherty know. So he can update the list and let the owners of westchester know you will be coming. The only place that should be accepting money is Westchester gold and diamond on 41, and there will be a bank account set up for all other donations at centennial bank.

Attached is Crystal's post from yesterday

" At this TIME there will be no more fundraising approvals . ANY PLANNING MUST go through myself or Derrick Turner. @Joseph Doherty Frank has authorized US to handle this all. Please know we are greatful but we have to be able to keep track of who is doing what and account for money. So at this time the ONLY authorized people are Anastasia Musick doing unframed prints@kevin Jackson @ Jackson's signs. Jordan Soucie making support stickers . And the other stickers being made by @stephane sondock. Uncle Nick's Pizza event is approved. And Emily at EZDOCKS is helping organize tournament

ATTENTION SPONSORS. the owner of Westchester gold in PC Janie Barbata Duke IS the ONLY authorized person to collect any and all sponsorships for fishing tournaments ETC. you can go in person M-F 10-6 and say you are there to pay your sponsorship for fishing Frank's you will than fill out a form and recieve a receipt. ALSO Frank is opening acct at centennial bank in morning and donations can go directly there in person. There are no other approved sites for donation drop offs. PLEASE know that we have Frank's approval in the decisions that we are making for him. BOTH GO FUND ME THAT ARE APPROVED WILL HAVE LINKS IN COMMENTS

THIS ALLOWS 1 DELEGATED PERSON Frank has chosen to handle ALL FINANCE involved. And record and provide necessary receipts.

(And ask that his decision be respected.)
Thank you for your understanding"

This entire article comes courtesy of  Crystal Stone and Emily Moriah Leach.

Bruce Jacobs
fishinfranks.swfloridahive.90hive.org (GoFundMe page)

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