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Messina Pools, Thank You

When you're talking about Messina Pools it's not just about the pools but also about their people. Prior to purchasing our home about 18 months ago, we were told by realtor Mr. Chad Vogt that the pool would definitely need to be resurfaced within 5 years. Chad said that we'll cross that bridge when we get there, but that he did have someone in mind. My realtor who was raised up in the area knows so many pool people and companies. He said that there are a lot of pool companies that will want to give you quotes, he asked that I give him an opportunity to share his recommendation. So I began doing my pool research homework by gathering info and reviews through Google and local Facebook groups. There were several local Facebook groups that had lots of info and feedback in this area too. I've seen the good, the bad and the reviews that seemed to good to be true. So I went back to my realtor and asked him that if it was his pool who would you go to and he said Mike Messina from Messina Pools. So I reached out to the owner Mike Messina on July 23, 2018 and told him what the situation was. Notice the dark algae discoloring spots in the pool.

Mr. Messina made time to come by that day only to confirm what my realtor had previous told me. He said that the pool definitely need it to be resurfaced within the next 4 – 5 years but also pointed out that I was having major algae issues too. Mr Messina came by the following week and took care of the algae issues and then put me on a pool maintenance schedule. Mike did not try to oversell me on anything and that was a eye opener and trust building moment for me. I later call Mike Messina to get his opinion or how I can kind of make this pool look more presentable and a pleasurable experience. Mike gave me some ideas such as the resurfacing, maybe retiling and possibly switching it over to a saltwater system. Mike did not get into pinpoint prices because we both know that prices could only be based on current inventory prices, but he was able to give me some scenarios and possible pricing. What Mike did promise was that he would do whatever he could to keep prices down without sacrificing quality and appearance. Here below is what my sea green algae pool looked like. 

After about 18 months of Messina Pools maintaining our pool is when I realized that it wasn't just about my pool but just as much about the people from from Messina Pools too. His crew showed up every week on time. The Messina Pool team love what they do and you could tell that while they were being very knowledgeable, professional and answering any and all questions. Not only do the love what they do, they love their boss vey much too. Many times Messina pool staff would show up to do our general pool maintenance and honestly the only way you knew if they were there was because you definitely saw the difference in the pool after they were done. One day I asked my son to sit in the family room to be on the lookout while I run some errands because I had a couple of questions for him to ask our pool guy. My son called me and said "Dad I thought he heard something so I looked outside and only saw the Lanai area a little wet. So I went to the front of the house and the pool guy was pulling away. Dad I never knew the guy was there like he was some sort ninja or something". 


Just know that we're extremely excited and pleased about our newly resurfaced saltwater pool by Messina Pools and their staff. We had 18 months to see the Messina pool team at work and the same 18 months to also speak to other pool owners and pool companies. Trust, workmanship and deliverability is everything when it's your hard earned money that's being spent. The Messina Pools owner, office staff and the pool guys definitely earned our trust with so many conversations and the work that were doing. Now it was time to see if they could deliver what the owner said he could do in a pool market where prices were changing from 18 months ago. Mike Messina and his staff at Messina Pools delivered in a big way for us. For now, here's what the pool looked like as it was getting drained with all the walls of the pool showing major discoloring throughout the pool. No long stories but a short recap with the before and after pictures will be available by Clicking Here Now (available by 3/22/20 – Stay tuned). 


Thank you Messina Pools and staff for all that you've done in what you do as good as anyone in the pool bussiness.


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)

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