Philadelphia Phillies on a roll

With the NFL draft happen this week in Philadelphia,the Philadelphia Phillies are saying don't forget about us. The Phillies are enjoying a 5 game winning streak while getting some major contributions from their young players. Franco, Herrera, Hernandez, Galviz have seem to found just enough consistency to keep them winning games. While many people were wondering if they could improve on last year's record, I wouldn't be surprised if the Phillies finished above .500 this year. Kendrick was definitely pulling his weight before going on the 10 Disabled list and now Saunders is looking pretty good too. The pitching has been okay but getting better. They will be okay as long as they keep hitting, scoring and playing good defense. 
They still have room to grow as their raw baseball talent at times still show through their young inexperience. But don't tell these guys that as they seem to keep pace within their division. One great thing is that they're able to go on this 5 game winning streak while Joseph and Rupp are just starting to have better at-bats. You have to love the job that coach Mackanin and Bowa are doing with this young team. Yes when the majority of your team consist of young raw talent, there are going to be miscues and mistakes along the way. I'm not sure you could ask much more from the Phillies coach that's  working on the last year of his contract. 
One beautiful thing is that the Phillies are getting serious contributions from Altherr who is replacing our veteran leader Kendrick for a few games. My man Nava is also filling in nicely too off the bench when needed and holding his own as well. They have a few outfielders in the minors that also are knocking on the door to make their major league call up louder. 
Right now they're winning and having fun doing it too. Let's keep it going!

Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)

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