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Dinos House of Pancakes Restaurant

It was a slightly early morning rise here today in Myrtle Beach and Dinos House of Pancakes restaurant was calling my name. My wife and I decided to try a more local taste instead of one of the name brand commercial restaurants since we can eat at the others back home in New Jersey. The night before I was up looking at some of the breakfast restaurants reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor, so I decided to try “Dinos House of Pancakes” in North Myrtle Beach. Eating at Dino’s was definitely a really good choice.

We arrived at Dino’s just before a few other golfers and entered a busy restaurant. The waitress seated us and promptly checked on us a few times as we were having surprisingly good time looking over the menu options. We placed our order as we were overlooking the golf course while conversing. It seemed as if only 10 minutes went by and our food was being served. The pancakes, grits and eggs still had the steam coming off them. There are plenty of northerners that eat grits but unfortunately, I’m not one of them. That being said, I decided to try a spoonful of grits and it was really good.

As we were finishing up our meal we were checking off our “things to do today list”. Shortly our waitress came by and we asked her for our check. She asked us if everything was fine and of course we said yes that everything was great.

  1. The food tasty
  2. The selections were plentiful
  3. The prices were very reasonable
  4. Environment and surrounding was inviting
  5. But the blessing we received was even better.

We asked for the check again and our waitress said it was already paid for. She said that our manager said that she wouldn’t let us pay. Trust me when I say that we had no problem with paying and that everything was great. To the manager all we would like to say is Thank-You for your Random Act of Kindness.

PS: Thank Lord and thank you Dinos House of Pancakes restaurant


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)

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