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Philadelphia Eagles Fans Supporting Home Field Advantage

Hello Philadelphia fans and welcome to another opportunity to show our Eagles some home field love. We’ve all heard by now how some of the so-called NFL experts have disrespected the Philadelphia Eagles by calling them a long shot to win, making them an underdog in polls, placing them last in football power rankings and so on. Our Eagles players and staff have locked their inner circle and now operate under the “We All We Have – We All We Need” understanding. Every week as our Eagles feel the disrespect, they keep proving their unbelievers wrong. Once again, our Eagles are being disrespected vs the Vikings by not being favored to win at home. The crazier thing is now we have national and local reporters under estimating our Philadelphia fan home base. Yes while at work I will listen to the local radio airwaves to hear what’s being said on “WIP” and the “Fanatic” radio stations.

I couldn’t believe that a local journalist came back onto our local Philly airwaves to clear up what he thought that was okay to say about our Philadelphia fanbase as it relates to “Home Field Advantage”. Also clear across the country was the same media guy that disrespected our coach Doug Pederson (saying he wasn’t qualified to be a NFL coach) also chimed in his thoughts about the minimal impact that our fans could have in the game. The Philly reporter made his argument around another guy that used some analytic numbers who also pointed out that Philly fans impact was one of the worst of all the teams. Ok, so I will NOT try to insult our Philadelphia Eagles fan base intelligence with these two-people news blog on trying to analyze the Eagles fan base. You know what, just as point of reference you can see them by Clicking Here 1st and Clicking Here 2nd when you have some time to waste. Nope even better, read them about 12 hrs. before the game and use them as your pre-game get pumped fuel.

What I do want you to do is listen to our local Philly journalist on WIP the other day trying to defend himself by Clicking Here Now. While analytics may tell you many things, I don’t know how well it can show you someone’s passion, desire and mindset. What I do know is that our Eagles fans are some of the most knowledgeable, dedicated, passionate, supportive, well-traveled and loud fans around the league. If you don’t believe me go back and recap a few road games like the Chargers, Rams, Cowboys and Giants. Our Eagle fans took over these stadiums, hotels and restaurants and help made our Eagles team feel like it was a home game. When our Eagle players analyzed the support and noise that they received when they were Home Away from Home, they all said how great that made them feel and how much they wanted to not let their fans down.

If you don’t think the Eagles fans can impact a game, just ask Eli Manning how the Eagles fans impacted their game results on their home field. Actually, you can see Eli press conference where he said it for himself. You don’t have to understand rocket science or analytics (for that matter) to understand that if players can’t hear each other on the field, things can go wrong.  One thing that I loved from the past game was that Eagle fans (as a whole) didn’t boo the team first half slow start. Even though the Eagle haters, doubters and analyzers thought they would, our Eagles fans stayed with them to the end. Win, Lose or Draw (sorry McNabb, it can end in a tie), our fans will always be as passionate, supportive and truthful as can be. We have the best fans, team and owner in the game.

Hello Philadelphia fans, this is your hump-day wake-up call. Falcon fans thought last week was the loudest legitimate stadium cheering they’ve ever heard. We want our home field advantage against the Vikings to be felt through every clap, chant and song! Why am I saying all of this when we have one of the best guy to do this below.  Analyze This!

Click it, Watch it, Feel it then get ready to Do it this Sunday!

#FlyEaglesFly #PhillyDilly


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)

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