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ReboundFX Sports Drink


ReboundFX is simply the best choice for nutrient replacement therapy for liquid hydration and restoring energy levels on the market today. ReboundFX sports drink comes in a powder form. I personally love the ReboundFX powder as its easier to transport from game to game without needing refrigeration. With over 135 power pact quality nutrients for hydration and refueling with a cool refreshing and pleasant taste that kids will love.

ReboundFX was created for ex-NBA athlete Theo Ratliff but designed for anyone who truly is trying to properly hydrate and replenish the nutrients they loose from when they sweat. If you were told that when we sweat that it only contain just water and salt, you were told a lie. Understand that when we sweat, we lose a soup of dozens of essential nutrients that’s contained in our body. Those essential nutrients needs to be replenished and the typical commercialized sports drink contains so very few of them.

ReboundFX is designed for:

  1. Promotes healthy exercise
  2. Supports optimal well-being
  3. Supports cardiovascular health
  4. Supports the immune system
  5. Boosts energy and stamina
  6. True Replenishment of 100+ nutrients
  7. Approved by the OIC (Olympic Board)
  8. The Sponsored Sports Drink of the WBA League
  9. Used by other Olympian and Pro Athletes around the world
  10. Endorsed and promoted by former NBA All-Star Theo Ratliff

Any sports drink can give you the basic electrolytes to keep you from passing out but ReboundFX want to give you more for about a $1.17 per 16oz serving. I think all athletes of all ages deserves from every team of all leagues deserves more, don’t you? If it’s good enough to be the Sponsored Sports Drink of the WBA League, it should be good enough for you too.

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Bruce Jacobs, (Contributor)

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My ASAP weight loss drops update

Lose weight ASAP with the ASAP weight loss drops. I have been on the ASAP weight loss protocol since June 8th and have loss weight. My energy levels have been remarkable along with some other noticeable health benefits too. My goal has always been to get down to 237lbs from 257lbs during this 3 week program. I wanted to see if this product is a good as advertise from other people. People say that they have lost between 10 -20lbs of real fat in 3 weeks and I wanted to call their bluff. Since I’m now under 245lbs in the first 10 days, I’m encourage to lower my goals by another 2lbs because the ASAP program is really working for me like it has for so many other people. Now I know why the ASAP product goes on Back Order every week.

Although the last 2 days have been tough for me to lose weight, I have not gained any pounds. A gentleman that made a comment to me on our wellness social network said for me to just stay true the protocol and make the protocol suggested adjustments. That’s one beauty of the ASAP program is that it allows you to make some adjustments thus giving you some flexibility in the type or amount of foods that you eat. Another great thing is the live support that you can get online via your personal website. You can questions answered from people that have already been there and done that by posting your questions on your personal wellness social network page… and feedback is right around the corner.

If you’re looking to lose those unwanted pounds before this summer is over with, then get the free system, support and ASAP weight-loss drops today. If you are looking to lose 5 – 15 25lbs or more, their should be a ASAP program for you. People are losing up to a pound or 2 each day by working this simple program that allows you to eat sensible but allow you to burn the fat quickly. Understand that when those fat stores are open they will be converted to natural energy…how cool is that? Order ASAP weight loss liquid drops while supplies are in stock! If you would like to save 30% off the regulate retail price, get your free Preferred Customer account by visiting http://www.escapeyoung.com

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Bruce Jacobs


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