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E&E Lawncare Services

E&E Lawncare Services

Andre from E&E Lawncare services came out to my house and did a awesome job. Though I like to think that nobody would care for my lawn better than me, Andre has changed my mind. He gave me the impression like he was taking care of his own lawn which was so impressive to see. He even pointed out a couple things and took care of it with Zero hesitation.

While E&E Lawncare services is sort of new to the area, they will not be new to my yard. Now is the time to contact Andre to see what his skills and passion for this industry can do for you. I believe his cost is average and well worth every penny. I had quotes between $150 – $225 to do what I needed done. Just know that he was definitely below all of them even with the extra special care that was needed.

A special thanks to Hank Baker from “Bugs & Beyond” for the referral of E&E Lawncare services. Bugs & Beyond serves as my perimeter pest control and do a great job on the spiders too in my lanai.

Sorry that I don’t have many pictures but stay tuned for more pictures with a short update next week.

Bruce Jacobs, (Happy Customer) 

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