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Your Free Health Assessment Tool

Lose weight and or better health is an assessment that millions of people make every year. Whether its a New years resolution in January or a “Uh Oh, Gotta get that beach body” ready before Memorial day weekend, most people don’t know where or how to start. Finding the right nutritional options for your specific health goals with a simple assessment sounds like a logical and easy place to start, doesn’t it?

Here’s a wellness company with over 20 years in the wellness industry that has created a free personalized interactive health assessment tool just for you!  Here’s a message from this company below about their latest tool to help you get started.

Youngevity’s personalized interactive health assessment is now available! This dynamic tool was created to help newbie customers who ask, OK, I understand the importance of 90 for life, but…where do I start?”  We’re hoping you can now tell them: “Right here!” This assessment puts participants in the driver’s seat, taking them through a series of questions that help self-evaluate their health. Based on their answers, it recommends the best Health Body Start Pak and targeted nutrition to support their health goals.

You can get started any time at Free Assesment Now.

Try this free valuable tool and see how it can help assist in finding the right products for you. Click Here now

Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)
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Your Healthy Body Challenge

If a healthy body is part of your healthy new years resolution, then here's a possible simple solution. There's a great wellness company that I love that has a nutritional program called the Healthy Body Challenge. You asked for it and now you have it all in several wellness packages options just waiting for you. The healthy body challenge program with Youngevity products is not just about how to loose weight to feel better.

Youngevity products are at the base of so many healthy people from around the world.  What seperates their science-based high quality nutrition from others to me is how they share with you the science of appliation. Just having the best products now days is not good enough if you don't know how to apply them. Supporting your health with targeted quality nutrition in the proper amounts allows provides a solid foundation for your body in reaching your healthy goals

Now is your time reach for your New Years healthy goals. There are several healthy packages based of what healthy goals you may have. But don't just get healthy by yourself, help someone else too. ow many times have you or others you know got off their healthy track because it got lonely. You will be amazed how much better it will be when 2 or more are on the same healthy trail. Oh and by the way the Youngevity Healthy Body Challenge can reward you enough money towards the basic Healthy Start Pak, making your almost free!

You heard the saying "Misery Loves Company", well your health loves good company too! 


Bruce Jacobs
Youngevity Indep. Rep ID# E100397

More Healthy Start Videos – Click Here Now

The info shared here has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease.

New Years Resolution Healthy Solution

New Years resolutions of eating healthier for obtaining better health and wellness are at the top of millions of people resolutions around the world every year. The new year many times serves as a start over point for many people to do the right thing for the right reason, wouldn't you agree? If you never said it, I'm sure you've heard others that said they want to eat healthier, improve their health, loose weight and more. After all who wants to carry around the extra weight along with the many health risk and health issues that's associated with it. Even myself who got tired of walking around sucking in my tummy in public as I was around at 287lbs but approaching 300lbs at a rapid pace, said enough was enough. The mindset of so many people including doctors agree on is that changing to healthy eating and proper nutrition can be very beneficial in supporting better health.

For me to make impactful healthy changes in what I do, I needed to make changes in what I believe. For me to make nutritional changes in what I believe, I needed to make changes in the very fabric foundation of nutritional information that I've been learning for almost 50 years.  How many of us grew up hearing our mother or father say "eat those carrots, peas and spinach because they're good for you"? We also hear our doctor say something like " you can get all your nutrients from the basic four food groups", haven't we? We shop in our supermarkets for foods that contain chemicals, dyes and other impurities that certain government officials say it's okay to eat. There's nothing wrong with believing your parents, doctors and government officials but try to understand where they get their info from. If you followed the nutritional advice from your parents and doctors based on consuming on  approved foods at supermarkets and you're facing a nutritional deficiency health issue, reminds me of a question that a famous TV doctor ask "How's That Working For You?"

This new year comes with not any real new nutritional information but rather from a new nutritional source of info. Holding off many pounds for a few years now and watching others within my family reap the health benefits of the importance proper nutrition via healthy eating and proper supplementation has me believing in my earthly nutritional information source. Dr. Wallach has been a environmental, medical and nutritional source of information for so many people around the world for over 40 years.  If you're looking for clinical proven and science based nutritional information then Dr. Wallach could have some beneficial information for your healthy new years resolution. While his nutritional info can be so simple in nature and challenging for a few, his nutritional message is making sense to millions of people around the globe.

When you have a doctor that understands health issues and nutrition from the medical perspective of a skilled pathologist, I think he has a leg up over my personal doctor. One question is that I had to answer for myself is would I rather bet my nutritional health on a doctor that taught by others with little nutritional knowledge or trust a doctor that has done his own research that included thousands of scientifical autopsies and that have been published over 70 times in scientific and medical journals. Dr. Wallach is also the author of 14 books and various CD's. Dr. Wallach’s world-famous Dead  Doctors Don’t Lie Book/CD  message has sold over 200  million copies. Make sure you get the CD by clicking on the picture below.

When you start your New Years healthy foundation, consider the "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" book or CD information as your solution to your healthy New Years resolution.

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The info shared here has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease.