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Bruce Jacobs (MH Contributor)

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Bruce Jacobs (Independent Agent)

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Next Philly Sport Championship Up

What a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan. Villanova has won their 2nd basketball championship just shortly after the Philadelphia Eagles won their first Super bowl championship this year. After missing a few years our Sixers and Flyers are back in the playoffs again this year. Our Philadelphia Phillies are showing signs of being more than just “Relevant” with a host of young talented players with stardom potential. All I want to say is Thank you coach jay wright for starting it all off with one of the most memorable NCAA championship wins and an eye-opening championship parade just a few years ago.

I can only imagine the mindset of our Philadelphia sport owners as they watched how their Philly fanbase received their local Villanova champions. What owner wouldn't’t want that type of national respect with the opportunity to share to share an incredible achievement with what might be the most passionate sports fans in the sporting world. Call it a mind shift, just coincidence, just a stroke of luck, good timing or whatever else you want. In the last 3 years you have seen our Philadelphia owners take matters into their own hands and to a different level. Hextall expedited the youth movement and now have our Flyers in the playoffs. Middleton is now or front and center and their future looks bright with a few potential cornerstone all-stars type of caliber players. Our Sixers brought in another GM to help expedite “The Process” and have them in this year's playoffs. And finally, what still has every Philly fan still fist-pumping is the remarkable shake up from the owner Jeffrey Lurie a couple years ago that has landed our Philadelphia Eagles their first Super Bowl championship this year.

The likelihood of our Eagles, Sixers and Flyers teams making serious playoff runs during the next three to four years is looking great. Our Phillies future is just as bright with a host of young super talent. While our Phillies future probably are one more year away, they have enough talent to start making that competitive playoff run starting this year too. Just remember that these teams may have one of youngest teams in each of their respective sports. I’ve been telling people for the past 2 years to watch what happens to the Philadelphia sports era between 2018 – 2022. Even though these teams are young, they are also loaded with talent. No doubt there will be a few bumps in the road along the way because of their youth. But the ride into the next big Philadelphia sports era should still be amazing to be see.

Thank you Philadelphia Eagles and Villanova University for the championships and parades this year. I get this feeling that there will be more to come and multiple championships for a team or two just maybe possible too.


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)


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Dinos House of Pancakes Restaurant

It was a slightly early morning rise here today in Myrtle Beach and Dinos House of Pancakes restaurant was calling my name. My wife and I decided to try a more local taste instead of one of the name brand commercial restaurants since we can eat at the others back home in New Jersey. The night before I was up looking at some of the breakfast restaurants reviews on Yelp and Trip Advisor, so I decided to try “Dinos House of Pancakes” in North Myrtle Beach. Eating at Dino’s was definitely a really good choice.

We arrived at Dino’s just before a few other golfers and entered a busy restaurant. The waitress seated us and promptly checked on us a few times as we were having surprisingly good time looking over the menu options. We placed our order as we were overlooking the golf course while conversing. It seemed as if only 10 minutes went by and our food was being served. The pancakes, grits and eggs still had the steam coming off them. There are plenty of northerners that eat grits but unfortunately, I’m not one of them. That being said, I decided to try a spoonful of grits and it was really good.

As we were finishing up our meal we were checking off our “things to do today list”. Shortly our waitress came by and we asked her for our check. She asked us if everything was fine and of course we said yes that everything was great.

  1. The food tasty
  2. The selections were plentiful
  3. The prices were very reasonable
  4. Environment and surrounding was inviting
  5. But the blessing we received was even better.

We asked for the check again and our waitress said it was already paid for. She said that our manager said that she wouldn’t let us pay. Trust me when I say that we had no problem with paying and that everything was great. To the manager all we would like to say is Thank-You for your Random Act of Kindness.

PS: Thank Lord and thank you Dinos House of Pancakes restaurant


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)

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Stay Hydrated and Replenish with ReboundFX Sports Drink

The ReboundFX Sports Drink has many important ingredients that should be in any good sports drink. Keep in mind that we lose so many valuable good sport drinks when we sweat. If you think that sweat is only comprised of electrolytes then you really should check your nutritional information sources for more current findings. I always say that the best way to hydrate is to not only replace the electrolytes but also replenish as many of the other loss nutrients at the same time. One thing for is that your body understands and is always looking for balance. I believe that the replenishment of multiple essential nutrients at the same time in small amounts is a sensible way towards supporting a healthy balance. Have you ever wondered why you see athletes still cramping during and after games even though they may have consumed bottles of their favorite sports drink? Shouldn't’t that tell you that the body is still seeking more than just a few nutrients? 

If you honestly look at so many of the popular sport hydration drinks on the market today, they lack so many of the amino acids, a good natural source of vitamins, and minerals that the body excretes through sweat and performance. Many of these drinks add an unnecessary amount of sugars, harmful dyes and other chemicals that has shown to have adverse effects down the road. Here are a few of the natural ingredients that are found in the ReboundFX sports drink: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin B-6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B-12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Choline, Inositol, Potassium, Amino Acid Complex, Green Tea Extract, Ginseng Root Extract, Glucono Delta Lactone, *Plant Derived Minerals, Natural Custom Blend Fruit Juice Concentrate, Monosaccharide, Oligosaccharides, Polysaccharides and more. 

Athletes from all over the world are taught to monitor their nutritional intake for peak performance and everyday living. Joggers, walkers and people just trying to get their daily exercise in should be doing the same especially in the warmer climates such as Texas, California and Florida (to name a few). Watch the short video and Get more info on hydration, replenishment ReboundFX at


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)


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The info shared here has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease.

Better Health Now

It All Starts with 90 Essential Nutrients
Much like the company philosophy, the Better Health Now Campaign has 90 essential nutrients at its core. With a focus on enhancing personal development, improving general wellness, and a weight-loss challenge designed to personalize results, it has something for anyone seeking a healthier, more balanced life.

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You Can Do This because We Will Do This together with others!


Bruce Jacobs #E100397
Independent Distributor/Contributor

90 Essential Nutrients by 90Hive
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Philadelphia Eagles Time Has Come

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles for winning this year's Super Bowl. While that may sound like music to our ears and maybe food for thought, but you know it feels good if you're a Philadelphia fan. That's something I've been saying year-after-year for almost 50 years to myself, family and friends. Well the Eagles winning the Super-Bowl statement isn't 100% true yet, the Eagles are positioning themselves to make multiple Super Bowl runs for quite a few years to come. I've been telling my sons for a couple of years now that the seasons from 2018 to 2023 may be one of the greatest sports eras in the history of Philadelphia sports. There's no better way to start the next great sports era run in Philadelphia sports than with the run that our Eagles have been on. One reason why I joke with my sons about our Philly teams winning championships over the next five years is because my wife and I are moving and it would be just our luck. I only say that because I had to watch our Philadelphia 76ers win the “83” championship after I moved out west in trying to further my basketball career. I watched our Philly teams make playoffs runs from a far distance.


Trying to get a real sense or pulse of Philadelphia through the national news media from out west was very difficult. Thankfully my mother did an awesome job of making me feel the heartbeat of Philly from the hundreds of dollars in phone bills. But that's okay because I was here when our Phillies gave us all some good times during the “08” season by shocking the world with a World Series championship and a parade that everyone will remember. This year the Philadelphia Eagles head push their fans passion button with such a determined season and now I'm raise the roof with a 2018 Super Bowl parents just take a night time drive around Philly and see places like Boathouse-Row, Wells Fargo Center showcasing Eagles green. Companies have gotten in on the excitement by allowing employees to wear their Eagles apparel to work. I have seen Eagle green face paintings on a numerous people during their normal commute to work. If you're paying attention to the local Philadelphia radio stations like WIP 94.1, The Fanatic 97.5 and local TV channels, the “Tried -True and Thru” real Philly fans are being heard everywhere. I firmly believe that green passion of Eagles nation has spread throughout this country.

If you ever heard anyone that scoffs, laughs or interject the phrase “Negadelphia” into a sentence towards a Philly fan, chances are they’re not a Philly fan. Those people are most likely wanna-be Philly fans that's been sitting on the fence. True Philly fans are more than just passionate people. Philly fans are knowledgeable, supporting and no-nonsense too. Yes, you can wear and root and show support for your team in Philly as long as you don't disrespect whatever is Philly around you. The Eagles are expecting true Eagle fans to tilt a neutral Super Bowl site into Eagles country, and I'm pretty sure these fans will do their best. If you know the history of the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots, then you know it's just the Eagles versus the football World. The Philadelphia Eagles and fans are ready for the Super Bowl limelight to shock the world (not just this year), but a few more years to come. Some of the best years of Philly sports is just beginning again. You can see the young Sixers and Flyers are positioning themselves for a playoff run. The Phillies might be another year way but I can see a year when all four Philly teams will be winning national titles in the same year.

Yo Philly, #FlyEaglesFly


Bruce Jacobs  (Contributor)


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Underdog Eagles FlyEaglesFly

The Philadelphia Eagles and their fans have been waiting for this day way too long. Most questions will be answered later tonight as to who has the better defense, and just maybe who rightfully  has the best team. What will not be questioned is how relentless, loud and intense the Philadelphia fan base can be. No matter what local media outlet you choose, you can see and almost feel the enthusiasm and intensity around the tri-state area. From the schools with young kids to the homes of senior citizens, the Eagles fight song has been repeatedly heard loud and clear. The Eagles kickoff party started 6 a.m. Friday morning at South Philly Chickie's and Pete's. Then XFINITY Live took the party from 5pm to almost 2 a.m. into the night. After the night party fell close to 2 a.m., the Eagles Twitter and Facebook groups took over and it’s been ongoing ever since. Last night so many Eagle fans were very active   within their Eagle Facebook fan groups.   From about 2 a.m. to at least 5:30 a.m. they all were posting one the main theme:  "I can't sleep, I can't wait, come on Eagles let's do this. I only know this because I too was up watching all the eagle chatter since 2 a.m. even though I had to be at work at 6 a.m. The old adage saying of "let sleeping dogs lie" won't apply to the Philadelphia Eagles and their fan-base   this week. Thank-you football world waking up the dogs, "Underdogs" that is!


While many Eagle fans have already heard how they won't really affect the game, the Eagles football team has been dealing with their disrespectful media gestures too. Even though the Eagles kept finding ways to win while losing key starters along the way the loss of respect was louder than ever. After each game after the loss of QB Carson Wentz provided the Eagles not the opportunity to win but rather the opportunity to be underdogs, according to so called football people. The Eagles are the number one ranked defensive team in allowing the least amount of points in their home stadium. Even though many say that defense wins championships, apparently, it's still not enough as they've been titled the "Underdog" in both playoff games. Thank you, Vegas and others, for wanting the Eagles to be the NFL "Underdog Hero" rather than Cinderella.



As we all watch our Eagles play today, I have a couple things for everyone to remember.  much like I was telling everyone last week Nick Foles doesn't have to play a perfect game. Everybody wants to remember Nick Foles for having the perfect game in that one special year that he had with the Eagles. As long as he keeps his QB rating between 90 and 100, the Eagles will be just fine. Nick Foles has a not-so-good game like the one against the Raiders he normally plays well the next 3 games the Eagles have the better run game and offensive line if you're of the mindset the defense wins championships then we could be in for a good time these are the top two ranked defenses but remember once again that are Eagles defense give up the least amount of points at home (13 pts.). Assuming that all three phases of Eagles football (offense, defense, special teams) actions are accountable on the field, our Eagles will be in a great position. As long as the Eagles keep away from turnovers and penalties, the Eagles will win this game.


The Eagles would definitely appreciate all the noise. I'm not sure if the Vikings will appreciate all the noise, but I'm sure our Eagle players will. The Lincoln Financial Field should be rocking at a feverish pitch from start to end somehow I think the home field fans will find a way to raise the noise roof to another level we all knew how long was tonight game and crowd is going to be epic but wait until we take it all in doors at the Dome 



Eagles 20 – Vikings 13


#FlyEaglesFly #PhillyDilly 


Bruce Jacobs  (Contributor)

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Philadelphia Eagles Fans Supporting Home Field Advantage

Hello Philadelphia fans and welcome to another opportunity to show our Eagles some home field love. We’ve all heard by now how some of the so-called NFL experts have disrespected the Philadelphia Eagles by calling them a long shot to win, making them an underdog in polls, placing them last in football power rankings and so on. Our Eagles players and staff have locked their inner circle and now operate under the “We All We Have – We All We Need” understanding. Every week as our Eagles feel the disrespect, they keep proving their unbelievers wrong. Once again, our Eagles are being disrespected vs the Vikings by not being favored to win at home. The crazier thing is now we have national and local reporters under estimating our Philadelphia fan home base. Yes while at work I will listen to the local radio airwaves to hear what’s being said on “WIP” and the “Fanatic” radio stations.

I couldn’t believe that a local journalist came back onto our local Philly airwaves to clear up what he thought that was okay to say about our Philadelphia fanbase as it relates to “Home Field Advantage”. Also clear across the country was the same media guy that disrespected our coach Doug Pederson (saying he wasn’t qualified to be a NFL coach) also chimed in his thoughts about the minimal impact that our fans could have in the game. The Philly reporter made his argument around another guy that used some analytic numbers who also pointed out that Philly fans impact was one of the worst of all the teams. Ok, so I will NOT try to insult our Philadelphia Eagles fan base intelligence with these two-people news blog on trying to analyze the Eagles fan base. You know what, just as point of reference you can see them by Clicking Here 1st and Clicking Here 2nd when you have some time to waste. Nope even better, read them about 12 hrs. before the game and use them as your pre-game get pumped fuel.

What I do want you to do is listen to our local Philly journalist on WIP the other day trying to defend himself by Clicking Here Now. While analytics may tell you many things, I don’t know how well it can show you someone’s passion, desire and mindset. What I do know is that our Eagles fans are some of the most knowledgeable, dedicated, passionate, supportive, well-traveled and loud fans around the league. If you don’t believe me go back and recap a few road games like the Chargers, Rams, Cowboys and Giants. Our Eagle fans took over these stadiums, hotels and restaurants and help made our Eagles team feel like it was a home game. When our Eagle players analyzed the support and noise that they received when they were Home Away from Home, they all said how great that made them feel and how much they wanted to not let their fans down.

If you don’t think the Eagles fans can impact a game, just ask Eli Manning how the Eagles fans impacted their game results on their home field. Actually, you can see Eli press conference where he said it for himself. You don’t have to understand rocket science or analytics (for that matter) to understand that if players can’t hear each other on the field, things can go wrong.  One thing that I loved from the past game was that Eagle fans (as a whole) didn’t boo the team first half slow start. Even though the Eagle haters, doubters and analyzers thought they would, our Eagles fans stayed with them to the end. Win, Lose or Draw (sorry McNabb, it can end in a tie), our fans will always be as passionate, supportive and truthful as can be. We have the best fans, team and owner in the game.

Hello Philadelphia fans, this is your hump-day wake-up call. Falcon fans thought last week was the loudest legitimate stadium cheering they’ve ever heard. We want our home field advantage against the Vikings to be felt through every clap, chant and song! Why am I saying all of this when we have one of the best guy to do this below.  Analyze This!

Click it, Watch it, Feel it then get ready to Do it this Sunday!

#FlyEaglesFly #PhillyDilly


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)

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Believe it Philadelphia Eagles PhillyDilly

Our Philadelphia Eagles will be defending their Super Bowl opportunity against the Minnesota Vikings in the next chapter of a storybook season.  Whatever the book title you want to give it "From Good to Great, Next Man Up, We're All We Got – We're All We Need, the chapters are still being written game by game. Against the odds of enormous key injuries and the unbelieving of so many so-called NFL experts, the Philadelphia Eagles keep finding a way to win. When your offense, defense, and special teams lose their most impactful key players, people stepped up their doubts. Most doubts started at the beginning of the season when Owner Jeffrey Lurie went back to basics with his reorganization of leaders that started with starting with Howie Roseman. The next doubt then focused on 2nd year head coach Doug Pederson of whether he could guide their 2nd year franchise quarterback, make game time adjustments and keep a team together.

Say what you want about our Eagles coach Doug Peterson, he has his team where they should be. Because of so many injuries to key veterans, Doug Peterson has the young guys stepping up and playing very well. While so-called NFL reporting experts came out and said that "Doug Peterson is not a worthy candidate of being a head coach" his coaches and players have been proving the naysayers wrong all season. Our Eagles have won more games this year with more key player losses than any other team in the league. Doug Pederson halftime adjustments has been very good all season. One of his most notable adjustments came when it counted the most in Eagles playoff win versus the Falcons. You can believe what you want but believe me that Doug Pederson should be the NFL coach of the year.


While our Philadelphia Eagles may not have reached their Greatness yet, they have positively taken ownership of Doug Pederson (and the coaching staff) "Next Man Up" mentality. When you lose multiple Pro-Bowlers and All-Pro players on both sides of the ball, many of the young players have "Stepped in and Stepped Up" beyond what so many people in the national media could've ever believed. While the Eagles were still winning games after their All Pro QB Carson Wentz (who should be the NFL MVP) went down, the media disrespect really took onto a higher level. Actually, that was kind of okay because it unraveled the deeper inner core belief of what our Eagles team mentality is now of "We're All We Got – We're All We Need". Yes, it's the new version of "It's us against the world" 

The Philadelphia Eagles team couldn't have picked a better theme. This theme is something that the core group Eagles fans can and will identify with. This theme is the other part of our Philadelphia “Rocky – UnderDog” mindset. If you're a true 4 for 4 Philly fan, you know what I'm talking about. You had to have witness it the last time our Phillies, Sixers and Flyers made their championship runs. The euphoric fandemonium was felt not only throughout the city but in many other cities around the country. Philadelphia might be known as the city of Brotherly Love until competitive sports come into play. When competition happens, we shift to the "Rocky and UnderDog" mentality. Yo Eagles, you got this! Hey Eagles, the true fans that show up at home and to your road games got your back. Great and special times are ahead for this organization and the fans for many years to come.

You don't have to believe me because our Philadelphia Eagles believe that "We All We Got – We All We Need". This is not just a saying, it’s our Eagles new way of life



Let's Go EAGLES … #PhillyDilly!


Bruce Jacobs (Contributor)
Note: Videos from Philadelphia Eagles via Twitter

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