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Realtors let me create and personalize your own Property Prospecting Lead Capture Pages for your premier properties! Having a properly designed property prospecting lead capture page can mean the difference between a big response rate and ZERO prospects. The components of an effective prospecting lead capture page are fairly basic: a strong headline, a compelling video, brief but motivating body copy (text), and the ability to capture your prospect marketing info such as name, email and phone.

The whole idea is to provide your real estate prospects with just enough information for them to sign up for more property info… but nothing more! The entire goal is capturing their data so you can call them up and/or continue marketing to them through future emails, etc. If you spill too much information, then they will have no motivation to do anything else.

Your new personalized real estate Property Prospecting Lead Capture Page are also integrated with a powerful autoresponder email delivery system which utilizes Amazon servers and has a documented 99.7% email deliverability. You can create 1 or a series of emails to keep your real estate prospect attention captured. Your real estate prospects also can opt out of your emails too. Remember, we do not ask for an email address or have an email address form on your real estate the lead capture page. It’s all controlled by your prospect clicking onto their favorite or preferred social media icon. This way the data is collected automatically and the leads tend to be more genuine.

Your new Property Prospecting Lead Capture Page will be created with the state of the art Lead Capture Page system. The Capture Page system that I use consists of a customizable widget embedded within a customizable capture page. You can embed a house picture or a short video with a musical background if you desire. If you don’t have a video of your property, supply me with you best 12 to 15 pictures so I can create it for you. Provide me a strong headline, a compelling video, brief but motivating body copy (10 word text), and your premier property prospecting page is ready to be published.

I would love to create and personalize your own Property Prospecting Lead Capture Page using some powerful, flexible, and fully customizable lead generation technology. Your real estate clients deserve every marketing edge there is. For a small extra fee there’s no reason why they wouldn’t want it while your bank account will thank you for it. If you like to see what one looks like visit then click onto your favorite social network platform.


Bruce Jacobs


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