CartRipple Deals, Savings and CashBack Shopping Tool

Online shopping is all year round but Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that the core center of heavy discount shopping season. CartRipple want to make sure that you can take full advantage of as many sales and exclusive deals as you can. With so many stores claiming to be offering the best deals, how can you really know? Even though you have so many in-store deals many times that same store maybe offering better online deals to choose from. Though it may seem like a forrest and the mayhem of finding parking, many are choosing to do the bulk of their shopping online. So how do you find the best deals in-stores and online? The free desktop CartRipple shopping assistant and or phone app is here to help you.

The new CartRipple app is a very effective shooping tool that can be used on your cell phone, tablet and desktop.  The key features of CartRipple is focused to help you Save Money, Get Special Deals, Compare Prices and more from stores that you already shop at. Currently there's only 2,000 stores that post their sales to CartRipple but many of these stores are ones that you know. Even if you're looking for something that's NOT on sale, the CartRipple App can still show you who has it at the cheapest price. On top of finding the savings you can then accumulate real cashback money on every dollar you spend when you purchase your items through the CartRipple Shopping App. It's almost like these stores (Groupon, Restaurant Walmart…etc) are rewarding the CartRipple shoppers for being loyal to CartRipple.

All I know is that if you are pressed for time trying to find the best prices on items you're going to buy, then using the free CartRipple App is a no-brainer. Finding deals, saving money and giving you cashback all year round is the way to shop and is what your CartRipple shopping assistant and App tool is best at. It's ready for you right now at


Bruce Jacobs (contributor)

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