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Business owners funding options

Business owners funding options may seem like a jungle when you don't know where to go. Business owners, do you need non-collateral cash NOW? You would love to use the funds however best helps your business for repairs, additional manpower, increased inventory, wouldnt you?. We can help you get funded within a week!! 3-24 month terms, sales must be $10k/month, 500+ FICO score, at least 4 months in business.

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Bruce Jacobs (Independent Agent)

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Multiplication vs Addition

We are building our business through Multiplication instead of addition.

Meryl Lynch, Prudential, Century 21, etc. are all growing their business through the old model, using addition.  An example of their addition business model is to have their local broker recruit and train 2-3 agents each month.  After ten months, they would have added about 20-30 agents going out and making personal sales.  Even though the agents earn nothing if they sell nothing, the broker can earn money each month because they get a piece off the total sales of the team.

This addition model has proven to be good model, but we've improved on it.

We use multiplication instead of addition…and we intend to kick some butt in this industry.

Same example, a local leader recruits 2-3 agents per month, and after ten months they would still have added 20-30 agents who earn on personal clients.  But because we use a multiplication business model, their agents may also recruit and earn on an agent team; all won't but many do. 

Because of multiplication, if each new added agent also recruited the same 2-3 agents per month, we'd have over 30,000 agents in those same 10 months.  Isn’t that amazing!

And because DAC allows you to live "like the broker", 1) earning on your own personal sales, and 2 ) earning an override on the sales of your agent team;  you have the opportunity to diversify your income on others peoples efforts.   You also have the opportunity for significant income with no ceiling.

"Sales" requires you personally do something each month to earn money.  If you don't make any sales, you don't earn any money.  But when you build a team of agents, you have the possibility of earning each month even when you have a poor month and don't make a personal sale.  That can relieve some of the pressure of "sales".

Of course our pay plan requires you need to get some personal clients to qualify to earn on deeper levels of your team.  But once you do, you can go months without making a sale and still be qualified to earn on your team.  Not only is that fair, is it amazing.

If someone doesn't like what i just shared, we aren't for you.  After all we are giving the same "sales" opportunity, but also giving the opportunity to have even more via our team override commissions.

We aren’t looking for weak people who are whiners.  We are looking for tough people who are winners

Our attitude is: you need to be willing to personally talk to clients or you need to hit the highway, we aren’t for you.  If you do decide to build an agent team, you need to be willing to lead by example or you need hit the highway, we aren’t for you.  It's not about throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks. Its about building up and coaching all who become agents and are willing to work hard.

If you see the value of multiplication over addition,  and if you are already tough or willing to toughen up, then you will fit great in DAC.  If you are ready to tie 'em up and take the field with some intensity and enthusiasm to help business owners, and rub the nose of those big stuffy “no money for business owners” type banks, then through DAC you can change your life.


David Rutz (President)
David Allen Capital, Inc.

Bruce Jacobs (Contributor) 
DAC – Helping Clients, Helping Agents, and Being Your Own Boss!


The info shared here has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease.

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Best Regards,

Bruce Jacobs, (Broker ID: #DAC1165)

The info shared here has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any illness or disease.