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Bruce Jacobs from the Burlington Bristol Bridge says Thank You

I just wanted to say that Yes, I’m retiring at the end of this month (August 2018). I would like to thank you for every conversation that you and I have shared over the years. Whether we met on the night or day shift, I’ve enjoyed every second of our brief moments. From the sleepy looks to the great big smiles, I just want to say thank you as it meant so much to me. 

In my “Plan A” of life goals, I had the hope and plans of working until 62. Around Thanksgiving time, I realized that I need to start paying more attention to my health. My thought was that If there wasn’t any improvement, that it just may be a signal to move on. Unfortunately, I’ve had a few work-related injuries over the past 4 years and they have not gotten any better, so “Plan B” here I come. 

No matter where I go and what I do next, I don’t think I will find a better customer base of people like you. I have met and still see many of my old customers (young and old) from my previous job at the DMV from over 28 years ago. So to my previous DMV customers, I want to say thank you! I’ve worked the night and day shift at the Tacony Palmyra bridge and switched locations and a few of you actually took the long route to work to visit me in Burlington for days and weeks. To those who followed me through location changes, I would like to say Thank you! To all of my Burlington Bristol Bridge customers, I would like to say Thank you too!

The conversations that we’ve shared will always be a part of me and will be remembered for years to come. Once again, I appreciate you and how you help sharpen my customer service skills. I appreciate you each and every day that you use our bridge and especially when you try to find my lane to say hello (you know who you are…LoL). What sometimes mean more to me are the smiles as you leave my booth. I’ve had co-workers and customers ask me why I do what I do. My answer will always be at least this much: “No matter how much you like or dislike your job or wherever you may be going, many people are not early morning risers or might just be tired after work. If I can make them smile or feel welcomed, then I have done my job. Which is also why I tell my customers “That without you, there’s no me”. I get it and I appreciate all of you than you know. 

PS: Don’t be afraid to stop by if you’re ever in Florida in 2020. Just maybe I will get that Tri-Toon or Pontoon boat that I’ve always wanted and just maybe we can take another great ride! Please do me a favor and share this info to others that you may know who use my bridge. I would like to reach as many people that that I can who I may not had a chance to say “Good-Bye or See ya Soon”. Sharing this on Facebook, twitter and other social accounts is okay too and would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!


Bruce Jacobs

“Your Friendly Toll Collector”

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