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Essential Nutrients List

Essential nutrients for healthy living are now being sought out by so many people. We all know that thousands if not millions of nutrients can be found on this earth worldwide. So many nutrients brings one big question and that is which nutrients are listed as "Essential"? While so many multi vitamin supplements have less than 60 total, most prescribed pre-Natal multi-vitamin supplements have less than 50 nutrients.

More and more doctors, scientist and others now believe that "our modern intensive agricultural methods may be stripping increasing amounts of nutrients" Actually this conversation about our soils being depleted of essential nutrients have been documented for decades now by government and other agriculture professionals. The loss of these essential nutrients are now being linked to so many health issues that we face today.

So once again, which nutrients are identified as "Essential Nutrients" for supporting good health? I think Your quest of nutritional support info for supporting good health may start at Youngevity with their 91 Essential nutrients list. Find out about the 91 Essential nutrients from a doctor that understands agriculture, nutrition and how it relates to good health from a from a clinical science and a pathologist perspective.

Your quest of nutritional support info for better health starts here with the 91 Essential nutrients list that your doctor never told you about. Get the "91 Essential Nutrients List" but make sure you watch the video at http://90hive.org/

Bruce Jacobs

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