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ReboundFX Sports Drink is for you

I just would like to give some news on a healthy sports drink that really understand what it takes to hydrate our athletes without overloading them with sugar and sodium. Not only do they understand how to hydrate but they also know how to properly help our athletes to replenish vital nutrients that they loose during those intense workouts and or tournament games during those hot summer days. This wellness company developed this sports drink about 7 years ago for Mr. Theo Ratliff (NBA All Star) formerly of the LA Lakers.
I suggest all parents and sport teams to get the free membership that allows you to purchase this power pact sports drink with over 100 Nutrients for about $1.16 per serving. Unlike the other sports drinks on the market today that only provide 3-10 nutrients by soda companies, ReboundFX sports drink was created by a wellness company with over 20 years in the industry that is known globally around the world for their health and wellness products. If you ever wanted to know who some of the pro athletes use and trust, you’ve found it. ReboundFX is your road to assisting you in proper hydration and replenishment of the nutrients that you loose when you sweat.
Have a Great weekend and be Blessed
Bruce Jacobs
Regional MNGR

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