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Level Up Automotive Grand Opening

At Level Up Automotive LLC, I firmly believe that people finally have a used-car business that they can trust. I can honestly say that because after following all the Level Up Automotive online buzz, I personally had to reach out (from New Jersey) and interview the owner one on one. Mr. Yamin Malik who owns the Level up Automotive dealership has been an entrepreneur almost all his life. Like All entrepreneurs who are in business to make money, I can honestly say that the people that he conducts business with comes first and money is third.

That’s right money is third as we talked about his mission at Level Up Automotive dealership while the idea of making money was never discussed. Mr. Yamin Malik is passionately driven by trying to change the used-car industry by leveling the car-buying playing field for all consumers. He knows the industry pitfalls and greed that put so many people in a position to make bad decisions when buying a used car. I’m not sure what he has planned for his December 1, 2018 official grand opening but just know it’s going to be special.

Here are a few words from owner himself from “Level up Automotive dealership” below:

“At Level up Automotive we understand if you are working on your credit and are here to assist! Whether you bring your own bank or credit union, use one of ours, or decide on our "buy here pay here" options. Please don't allow anything from allowing you to be great! Let us help you get ya roll on!!! Holla at us and let's go!! Level up”

“Our Mission is to Level up the car buying experience, no this is not one of ours but trust we aren't far off!!! Come see us in December for our grand opening and judge for yourself. Happy holiday's from Level Up Automotive llc. Make sure you enjoy some time with the fam kiss and hug your love ones!!!”

Click the video clip below to hear a small snipet of our most recent interview.

Even though December starts the official Level Up Automotive, the owner said that right now 'We selling cars like candy bars!" Stop by and get your car today! if you want the latest deals and info going on at "Level Up Automotive", Click your favorite social button below right now!

Bruce Jacobs (contributor)

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