Looking for homebased business owners, direct sales and network marketing leaders

I’m looking to help homebased business owners, direct sales entrepreneurs, and network marketing leaders. I’ve seen a lot of good and bad within the past 20 years in this industry. Good things such as products,  services,  and compensation plans are improving. Bad things such as product support,  customer support, and leadership support seems to be fading.  So many companies provide their reps with these fancy personalized replicated websites and are quick to say ” Congratulations for signing up,  you now have an online business”. Unfortunately many of these companies strongly suggest and or even restrict you from any form of ethical promotions.

 I’ve also seen companies rely so much on their autoship program that the only way in at signup is to join the autoship program first. The option of being a consumer  first to experience what works best for you is almost frowned upon as if you’re not serious about your business. If a company is teaching you to “Be a Product of the Product” then you have to at least consume it first. Oops silly me that’s almost like being a customer first. You want to see a company struggle financially, watch their customer acquisition growth. I understand and believe that autoships has its place. Autoship ordering can be a good and profitable thing when done for the right reasons. Day by day I’m starting to understand a friend of mine (Mr. Thomas Prendergast – MarketHive) blog called The Customer Centric Model . 

Now I’m calling on all business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders that want a real opportunity to help others build a rock solid income. I have a team of proven industry leaders that include other MLM owners that are willing to help you and your team grow a brighter and bigger financial future than ever before. Very seldom do you have an opportunity to connect, train and even execute business building skills with over 20+ MLM company owners and some their leaders under one roof. Not many companies can say that they can offer  product support, customer support and interactive support all most 24/7. You will see professional athletes, Hollywood finest and business people from all walks of life striving for one purpose.

Not only do you have access to a smorgasbord of niche products for niche industries and services with media options, you get to drive it all through the MarketHive social neural network. As only Mr. Prendergast can describe what is the MarketHive Social Neural Network all about… He describes it like this: ” MarketHive is similar in looks to Facebook and behaves like it in many ways. Making friends, having groups, the news feed, messaging, chatting, boosting, tagging, sharing, very similar. But like the name implies, “Market” represents a powerful portfolio of integrated and effective inbound marketing tools, like email auto responders, social media broadcasters, capture pages, blogging platforms, seo platforms, lead management, and analytics.” The “Hive” represents the social network found within the system. This “Hive” concept, gives huge leverage to campaigns, easily managed and extremely powerful as well as accountable. I just simply call MarketHiveThe GameChanger“.

Whether you have a team of reps that you truly care about or want to be part of a team that cares about you, I’m here to help you. If you want a solid financial business foundation then it starts with acquiring customers. If you take care of your customers they will take care of you. 90% of my weekly and monthly checks don’t come from the the thousands of reps but more so from less than 50 customers. Let’s get started by first a little bit more about the company mission I represent after being in this industry for over 20+ years  Clicking Here Now

Bruce Jacobs

Here’s a quick audio clip of what one of our team leaders believes below

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