FDI-Youngetity 90 for Life Hombase Business Wellness Network



FDI-Youngevity “90 for Life” business network are helping people to improve their health and wealth, all over the world. My name is Bruce Jacobs and I’m very much a big believer in the “90 for Life” health program through the FDI-Youngevity Network. I’ve been involved in the industry for almost 15 years now and have never seen such a concept that provide such a Win-Win situation for even the brand new person that’s just getting started. Here are a few things that I just love about FDI-Youngevity:

  1. Products that Works– Scientifically researched and developed by doctors and scientist from all over the world. The products are so good and reasonably priced that most of my business owners re-order WITHOUT me having to remind or ask them.
  2. Product Support– Scientifically documented Plus you and or your prospective customers can ask the doctor via email or live on the phone for a nutritional support for your wellness goals.
  3. Business Owner Support– Live Daily Webinars, Daily Conference Calls, Upline 3-way Calls, Professional Brochures, Great Interactive websites with Online Tools, CD’s Books and more.
  4. Great Leadership– The strongest Goal Oriented people with Integrity and Passion that I have ever seen in the industry.
  5. Compensation Plan – The best in the industry that I have seen so far. Don’t take my word, take a look at just ONE part of our compensation plan by Clicking Here Now
  6. FDI-Youngevity Pharmacy card– The Greatest Ice-Breaker tool that not only pays you each month But will also help you build your warm or cold market networks. Just imagine giving away something for free and getting paid when they use whether they join your business or Not..!
  7. Getting Started – No matter what somebody budget is for starting a homebase business, FDI-Youngevity has an Entry level enrollment fee for everyone. Whether it’s $25 or up to $499 (CEO Packages Includes Products) its your call… Click Here to Join!

Hopefully by now you can see and understand why just a FEW of my reasons above shows you why I’m very pleased with the FDI-Youngevity business network. Now take 18 minutes to view more information on the Youngevity business network overview


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I am here to help you in anyway that you need me. If you have a small or large team from another company that you would like to bring with you, that can be easily done too. I have seen large groups to actual companies merge in just fine.

I hope this helps, have a Great week and be Blessed,

Bruce Jacobs
Regional MNGR
Northeast Region
who are willing to accomplish extraordinary things in a Massive Global Opportunity!

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