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Skincare for men by Soul Purpose

The Soul Purpose healthy skincare has products to support healthy for women and men skin in a natural way. Not only can the Soul Purpose products deliver the results that you'll truly love but also without the unwanted chemicals and parabens too. I've heard people say that Avon has great quality products with low pricing while others say Mary Kay has a slightly better quality at higher pricing. Actually I kind of agree from actually using both companies in the past, but I ask people have you read the labels? If you're truly looking for the best quality and pricing then Soul Purpose provides the best value for your skin … hands down (pun intended). 

Another great thing that I love about Soul Purpose is the support that I can get almost 24/7 everyday of the year. Many times guys like me may have questions and need answers fast. One late night I was doing some research on certain ingredients for healthy skin support. I noticed that there were several Soul Purpose products that had everything that i was looking for but they came in different formula combinations. So I went online to one of our support groups and asked the following question: "I have a tough question for myself but hopefully I can get some opinions. Which one of the shower gel / Custard combinations could be most healthiest for possible skin repair or rejuvenation of skin problems?" 

In less than 10 minutes one of Soul Purpose Team leaders posted my question and her answer in her online team forum this way: "our partner Bruce Jacobs asked me which product lasts longer the balm or the custard? My response is depends on skin type. Since he has dry skin, I recommended using the scrub to his liking 3 times a week to rid of dead skin cells and layer with custard and if needed followed by balm. Once skin is exfoliated and moisturized over time you can choose to layer with custard and balm or use one or the other just depends on how you feel. Hello Soul Purpose Team, What would you say?" I was so surprised to see how many ladies were chiming in after midnight with short but concise info. 

Soul Purpose has formulated their natural skincare and beauty product line to keep you looking and feeling good from the inside out and from head to toe. If your body has not experienced the Soul Purpose product line then this is “A Must ASAP” as your body will thank you for it while others around you may appreciate it too. 

If you would like to hear a quick 40 minute intro to most of the Soul Purpose beauty skincare line of products Click Here.

Bruce Jacobs (Youngevity Independent Rep. #E100397)


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