Zradical enriched Fucoidan and other Super Fruit Juices

Zradical's key ingredients of fucoidan from brown seaweed and Wolfberry (Goji), Yumberry, Milk Thistle and other nutrients makes this a powerful healthy juice. About 10 years ago super fruits like Goji berries and Yumberry appeared in the news all over the world for it's supporting health benefits research on cancer, hypertension and a few other diseases. Now fucoidan from brown seaweed is taking center stage with over 950 scientific published studies at www.pubmed.gov on many types of  health issues that's affecting many of us today. Further research shows that fucoidan is being used by doctors in Japan to treat cancer patients instead of chemotherapy.
Zradical contains 90% pure Fucoidan which is about twice as pure as any other Fucoidan enriched product that I have found anywhere to date. I love what Zradical has done me and my 75 yr old mother. You can get more info and customer testimonials onn Zradical at http://www.ibourl.com/msi 

Bruce Jacobs

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