Robert Banning of Verizon Wireless

A Verizon Wireless manager name Mr. Robert Banning from the Willingboro NJ store on Route 130 sold me a Samsung Level U Bluetooth headset today. Ok maybe this isn't such a big deal to you and you're probably correct, unless you're looking for great service on a great buy. What made this purchase such a big deal for me is that I finally found a sales rep that actually listen to me. He not only listen to me but took his service skill up another level when he took his time to answer all of my questions with such knowledge, demonstrations and comparisons that I didn't even expect. I actually went in with my son to see about him making a decision on renewing his current Verizon account with a new phone purchase vs getting a new phone account with Sprint.

He broke everything down in writing of every possible plan that could benefit my son without any negative talk about Sprint or any other competitors. Well in between a little break in conversations with my son, I figure I would ask him a couple of quick questions about the Samsung Level U headset that he draped around his neck. Needless to say he broke down a few comparisons vs the LG Tone that I was considering and the rest was history as they say. I've worked in the customer service industry for over 30 years and professional people like Robert Banning need to be recognized for what they do when they do their job right.

When you get professional service like this, it's hard not to buy something. Yes My son renewed his Verizon wireless contract and I got my Samsung Level U wireless headset. Even though I showed him a much cheaper online price of $29.99 from his $69.99 it was worth every dollar more that he charged me. Thank you Mr. Robert Banning for everything today! If you are anywhere near his store, be sure to stop in for his superb knowledge and customer service!

Bruce Jacobs

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