Holiday Immune Support

The fall is here and the winter flu season is almost among us. I honestly believe that in some cases after a busy summer the fall season is primed to take advantaged of people weakend immune system. So many people are wearing themselves down from taking their kids to sporting events, baseball practices, grocery shopping right from work without a break. Many people understand that when they get physically and or emotionally tired, they just put stress and tension on their body. Sometimes all of the running around and or even attending these games in the hot sun can cause us to loose nutrients, causing us a little dehydration too.

Even though this stress is something that we can feel what we may not know is how much that this stress may have impared our immune system. Also dehydration is also a quick way to impair our immune system too. While many of us can feel the signs of dehydration, many times we replenish our sweat loss with not enough of the sweated out nutrients. Many people don't know the importance, relevance of these essential nutrients and the role they play in supporting a healthy immune system. So what are the essential nutrients (91 to be exact) that many ND's, Chiropratic and other doctors are telling us about you may ask. That's a different topic and conversation for another time, but if you just need to know now – Click Here .

Now comes many professionals favorite time of the year. This is the time of the year when issues such as post nasual drip, coughing, wheezing, sneezing and other issues can lead to other issues if gone without some type of managing, treatment and or support. For the most part over the years we are taught to manage our improperly functioning immune system with drugs. Many of us know that the fall season (or change of seasons) can be the start of allergies while many of us hear about the flu season around winter time. Why people choose to manage thier health with drugs is a choice. I personally would rather support my health with the natural  medicine that God has placed and also embedded in this earth.

I think even Benjamin Franklin (whom I've never met) was onto something when he quoted "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." (whatever that means). We all know what the word prevention means but don't know how to apply that word towards our health.  I really believe that prevention is key in some of the health challenges that we face today. You may be surprised in how a little healthy prevention might be able to save us so much in the long run for sure. Doctors tell us all the time things like "eat the foods from the main four foods groups, get plenty of sunshine, get your exercise, drink plenty of water, get proper rest and so on. One thing for sure is that doctors know if you don't do these basic things that you may run risk of seeing them back in their office again.

We stress our immune system in so many ways such as (but not limited to) physical and mental rundown, improper nutrient intake, germs we breathe  and touch to the point that it weakens our immune system, we then get sick, spend co-pays at the doctor to take the meds all in hope of getting better quicker. Actually I think many of us are doing this "Getting Better" stuff backwards. I wonder what would happen if we started out getting the right amount of sleep, exercise, sunshine, water along with the correct nutrients from the right foods? As we know not every food item is 100% completely healthy for us at our supermarket. many of these foods are missing vitamins and minerals while they add on the chemicals, preservatives and who knows what else. People who also supplement diet with the correct 91 essential nutrients are having some unbelievable healthy living testimonies everyday.

Not saying that some of the items below are going cure or treat any health conditions but these items can help support your immune system. Theres never a good time to feel unhealthy under the weather, especially during the holiday season. These are some of my favorites below:

1.    Zradical
2.    FucoidZ 
3.    Immune Support Pak
4.    Supralife D-Stress
5.    Flu Buster 
6.    RVB300
7.    BREATHEese
8.    Y-23 Immune
9.    Bio Immune

Let us all try to strengthen and support our immune system for the holidays this year. Start with a little immune preventative measure. Save time, save money and stay healthy and have a happy and healthy holiday season this year

Bruce Jacobs



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