Best Holiday Destinations For August

This year again August will see the emergence of tourists worldwide. This is the period when many people take time for themselves and their family. So, what are the best holiday destinations for August?
In Europe, August is the big boom! Millions of tourists from around the world invade beaches and hinterland of southern Europe. The climate is conducive to travel in almost all the continent but with some areas heavily affected by the heat wave (Andalusia, southern Italy, Greece, etc.) that suit only people who love the heat … like me 😉

Northern Europe is very nice, and summer is the perfect time to visit the usually cold and wet countries like Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Sweden or Iceland.

In Asia, it is undoubtedly the least favourable season: the monsoon is at its peak on the whole region, sparing only a few areas (Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India, Bali and southern islands Indonesia, northern Australia, etc.). Elsewhere a hot, muggy and wet prevail.

In Africa, the Maghreb countries are invaded by tourists, the climate is warm and dry (sometimes hot to the desert), the Atlantic coast of Morocco remains enjoyable thanks to the influence of the ocean.
Further south there is the rainy season and it is only latitudes of Tanzania that we find a favourable climate for the visit.

In America, the north is generally hot and dry (sometimes in scorching deserts of western USA). Central America knows a little rainy season but further to the south the conditions become favourable. It’s hurricane season on the Caribbean and Mexico.

Avoid: If July and August are often favourable to travel “climatically” speaking, it is often less true in terms of quietness and prices. The great majority of European countries are on holidays during those two months, the hotels are crowded and prices are higher for most destinations.

Beach lovers logically will go to the Mediterranean coast; Crete for instance, but also in Italy, which offers pleasant beaches and sumptuous hinterland, if you want to stay in Europe.

The more exotic ones will go towards Bali, one of the few pleasant Asian destinations this season.

For more adventures, South Africa awaits you! Peru and Tibet await lovers of high altitude hiking 😉

My favourite for 2015: In Mongolia, the summer season only lasts from June to September … This does not mean that you will know scorching temperatures, unless you venture into the Gobi Desert where they can be around 40 ° C, and in Ulaanbaatar where one exceeds 30 ° C. In parts of central and north, rain falls in August and makes the grass grow green and prance rivers. But do not forget that Mongolia has over 250 days of sunshine per year and its temperature in summer turns around 20 ° C, ideal for exploring the steppes of sight, and enjoy comfortable yurts when you need a pause. A destination still wild and off beat which creates memorable experiences!

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