3-TIB: Building Finances to Pay for Your REAL Business

Welcome to our 3-TIB Group. 

Since a few of you have signed up to this group, I,
as the group’s administrator, have decided to resume
3-TIB on a limited basis, at first, and then will fully
launch later on down the road.

We have actually paused 3-TIB for a variety of reasons,
fully expecting to start up again, but with updates and
revisions necessary before doing so.

Therefore, we are asking that you keep posted for more
information, including what 3-TIB is all about and how it
might be connected to helping finance your other busi-
ness(es) including MarketHive.

Thank you for  joining!

And, please feel free to ask questions and add comments.

I will be returning on Monday, January 26, to reply.  As
well, we will resume limited 3-TIB services beginning the
week of February 2nd.

As always,

Pauline Tatevossian
3-TIB Admin
MH Alpha Founder

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